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A Beginner’s Guide: Top 6 Real Estate and Construction Management Courses

Last Updated on April 18, 2023 by Admin

Though both are different in their own right, real estate management and construction management are largely related disciplines. 


What is Real Estate Management?

Real estate management, also known as property management, pertains to managing real estate either owned by oneself or a third party. These could range from residential to industrial and commercial property.

The roles of a real estate manager include preserving the estates’ condition and market price, screening potential tenants, and collecting leases. If you want to know more about acquiring real estate, see more here.

What is Construction Management?

While real estate management deals with property as they are, construction management is about managing projects being developed.


Its scope includes managing finances and construction workers, cooperating with architects, engineers, and allied services, and ensuring progress is met according to schedule. In short, construction managers assure the smooth sailing of construction projects. 

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Real Estate and Construction Management Courses

These lines of work are known to be lucrative. However, you’ll need a proper degree to practice, learning several principles, and even Real Estate Acronyms. If you’re strongly considering going down that path, there are introductory online courses you can take to give you a better picture. Hence, here are 6 real estate and construction management courses we recommend you to take. 

1. Introduction to Project Management

edX offers a variety of free online courses, including the Introduction to Project Management. This course is a great starting point since it tackles principles not specific to construction or real estate.  

What you’ll learn:

  • Fundamental knowledge and skills in project management
  • Needed communication tools for managing a project
  • The state and trend of today’s more complex projects

2. Real Estate Asset Management 101

Real estate asset management 101 course aims to teach how to manage a property from acquisition to ownership until its sale. It discusses the three main goals of real estate management and vital lease negotiation points. 


What you’ll learn:

  • Analyzing real estate deals to get the most out of profits and returns
  • Fundamentals of a successful real estate asset management career
  • Creating a dynamic annual budget through excel
  • Formulating comprehensive annual reports that satisfy investors and assure their return for more deals

3. Property Management 101

Property Management 101 by Udemy provides approaches to various scenarios and issues concerning the rental property. It offers efficient methods and practices in mitigating the risks with one’s investment. 

What you’ll learn

  • Fundamentals of Property Management
  • Appropriate mindset to understand the rental process
  • Characteristics of a successful landlord
  • Common pitfalls of managing rental properties

4. How a Building is Designed and Built

Before delving into the specifics of construction management, you’ll need to have a solid understanding of how construction works. And this is what How a Building is Designed and Built, offered by Udemy, aims to do. It could not substitute for years of onsite practice, but the course serves as a compelling introduction to the construction process.

What you’ll learn:

  • Parts, materials, and systems in constructing a building
  • The sequence of construction activities and how they relate to each other
  • Different roles involved in the design and construction process
  • Considerations when selecting building materials and systems
  • Construction and engineering terminologies
  • Constraints in choosing systems and materials in a building

5. Construction Project Management

Construction Project Management is a course offered by Coursera that familiarizes you with project initiation and planning akin to construction. Industry experts and a professor from renowned school Columbia University will lead the classes.

What you’ll learn:

  • Project delivery fundamentals and methods
  • Sustainability and safety in construction
  • Technological Trends in Construction
  • Role of a construction manager
  • Project Planning Primer

6. Construction Scheduling

A construction schedule is a visual representation of how a project will be completed. It offers a detailed description of the construction progress parallel to the timeframe given, including sequence and estimated duration. Coursera offers a course that explores the process and strategies of the construction schedule. 

What you’ll learn:




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