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Books for NCED Engineering Geology With Rock Mechanics

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1. Jaeger Rock Mechanics in Engineering, Cambridge Univ Press London , 1990

2. Goodmann Principles of Rock Mechanics.

3. Bieniawski Z. T. – Engineering Classification of jointed Rock Masses

4 .Dr. Dobbrin – Introduction to Geophysics

5 .Goodmann Engg. Geology

6 .Megaw T. M.& Tunnels: Planning, Design, Construction

7. J. V. Bartlett – Int. ED, Ellis Horwood ltd. John Willey & Sons .

8. Skinner B. J: The Dynamic Earth, An Introduction to Phy & Porter S. C Geology John Willey & Sons .NY 1989

9. Introduction to Rock Mechanics by B. P. Verma-Khanna Pub New Delhi

10 .Environmental Geology by Waldiya

11 .Environmental Geology Keller, Prentice Hall Publication.


1 Gupte R. B. (1980) P. W. D. Handbook Chapter 6, Part-II Engineering Geology Government of Maharashtra.

2 Tunneling India ’94, Central Board of Irrigation and Power , New Delhi

3 Manual on Rock Mechanics, Central Board of Irrigation and Power, New Delhi, 1988.

4 Handbook of Geological terms, geology and Physical Geology, David page, University of Michigan. USA

5 Handbook of Geology in Civil engineering, Robert Fergussion , Legget, Mc Graw hill,

6. Geotechnical Engineering handbook, Robert day, Mc- Graw hill, ISBN 0-07-137782-4


1) IRC code of practice for Road Tunnels. IRC-78-2000; IS-12070; IS-1336 Part I and II.

2) I. S. 4453-1967 Code of practice for Exploration, pits, trenches, drifts & shaft.

3) I. S. 6926-1973 Code of practice for diamond drilling for site investigation river valley project.

4) I. S. 4078-1967 Code of practice for Logging and Storage of Drilling Core.

5) I. S. 5313-1969 Guide for core drilling observation.

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