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Top 7 ways to improve your business’ energy efficiency

Seven ways to improve your business’ energy efficiency

Last Updated on March 16, 2023 by Admin

With UK energy bills continuing to increase, many businesses are struggling to cope with energy costs. And since the Government’s Energy Bill Relief Scheme will end soon, the pressure will only be greater.

However, there are steps you can take to reduce your business’ energy bills – including long-term methods, as well as options that should give you more immediate results.

In this article, we’ll share seven ways you can improve your business’ energy efficiency.

1. Conduct an energy audit

The first step to improving your business’ energy efficiency is to find out where you’re wasting energy.

After conducting an energy audit, you should have an easy-to-understand breakdown of when and where your business is losing money. And with the most critical areas identified, you’ll be able to prioritise where you most desperately need to make changes.

For this to be as accurate as possible, it’s best to have an audit conducted by an expert. However, many commercial energy suppliers offer this for free as part of their service – so, it’s worth checking with yours before enlisting the help of a third-party.

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2. Install energy-efficiency appliances

In order to improve your business’ energy efficiency, it may be necessary for you to invest in some new appliances up front. Although this may carry considerable entry costs, energy-efficiency appliances should pay themselves off through energy savings over the long run.

For instance, you could purchase air curtains from RS to mount over doors to your premises. These clever devices create an invisible barrier that helps cooled air escaping in the summer of hot air escaping during the winter – preventing wasted energy over time.

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3. Invest in renewable energy

Investing in renewables can be expensive at first but is well worth it over the long term. Many people are put off using renewables, thinking that the set-up process is too difficult. Yet it isn’t as complicated as you might think.

As part of the commitment to reach net zero emissions by 2050, the UK Government is offering funding to help UK businesses become greener. Make sure you take advantage of this opportunity.

4. Switch to LED lighting

Did you know that LED lights are the most energy-efficient kind available? They last far longer. And they can be used anywhere that their outdated incandescent alternatives can.

If you haven’t yet adjusted your shop’s lighting, you could be missing out on substantial savings.

5. Turn off equipment when not in use

Leaving equipment running or even plugged in overnight can make a real difference to your energy bill. Even leaving shop appliances on standby can rack up a staggering amount of money.

6. Reduce draught

Draughtproofing your business premises can significantly cut down on the amount of heat it’s losing. To do this, you’ll need to plug up any gaps and cracks around the shop-floor – including those commonly found around doorways, windows, and floorboards.

7. Be proactive

Coping with your business’ energy bills is a challenge right now. Yet while countrywide energy prices are out of your control, how your business uses energy is something you can change for the better.

Which of the energy efficiency measures above could most improve your business’ energy efficiency?

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