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Project Management and Engineering Economics Books

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Engineering project management is a type that focuses solely on engineering projects. It uses all of the same standard methodologies and processes as any other type of project management. Kindly check below mentioned important recommended textbooks on Project Management and Engineering Economics.

Engineering economics plays a preeminent role in all engineering decisions. It is concerned with the monetary consequences and financial analysis of the projects, products, and processes engineers design.

It can be difficult to find time to read everything you need to know about project management. There are many books on Project Management; here are some of the best books to learn project management.

These books typically deal with the economics of engineering projects. They may cover costs, price analysis for estimating purposes, or long-range supply and demand forecasts.

Books on Project Management and Engineering Economics

Following are the important recommended books on Project Management and Engineering Economics.

1. Project Management By Sitangshu Khatua, Oxford University

Project Management and Appraisal is a comprehensive textbook specially designed to meet the requirements of postgraduate management students specializing in Finance and/or Operations.

It aims to familiarize the readers with the core concepts of project management, including its planning, execution, control, and appraisal.


2. Construction Project Management-Planning, Scheduling and Controlling by K. K. Chitkara, Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company, New Delhi.

This book is meant for students and professionals having fundamental engineering knowledge and familiarity with construction processes and practices.

It includes 18 chapters, each accompanied by an appendix, abbreviations, and a glossary of terms. Each chapter has been ensured to provide an optimal mix of theory and application.

The subject covered in this book provides practical relevance to current project management techniques and practices.


3. Construction Management and Planning by B. Sengupta and H. Guha, Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company, New Delhi.

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4. The Essentials of Project Management by Dennis Lock, Gower Publishing Ltd. The UK.

In recent years organizations of all kinds have learned that project working, once considered significant only for engineering and construction companies, can help to ensure that the intended benefits of business change will be realized in full and on time.

This development means that more people need to understand the basic process, language, and purpose of project work. That awareness is important not only for those actually engaged in project work, in all sectors of industry and commerce.


5. Project Management and Engineering Economics

6. Total Quality Management By Dr. S.Rajaram and Dr. M. Sivakumar, Biztantra

The book focuses on Quality Management as a process of identifying and administering the activities needed to achieve the quality objectives of an organization. It covers TQM as a management strategy to embed awareness of quality in all organizational processes.

The book provides solved problems and reviews questions, four Cases, and a detailed Appendix on Important Concepts in TQM. The book’s coverage is comprehensive yet compact as the presentation of the text is extremely student-friendly.


7. Total Engineering Quality Management By Sunil Sharma, Macmillan India Ltd.

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