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Books on Water Resources Planning & Management

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1. Water Resources Systems Engg, D. P. Loucks, Prentice Hall

2. S I Gass: Linear Programming , McGraw Hill, Kogakusha, 1975

3. S S Rao : Optimisation : Theory and Applications , Wiley Eastern, 1980.


4. L Mangasarian : Non-linear Programming TMH 1969.

5. A. K. Biswas; Systems Approach to Water Management, McGraw Hill Book Co, New York.

6. Chaturvedi, M.C. Water Resources Systems Planning and Management Tata McGraw Hill

7. James L.D and Lee R.R Economics of Water Resources Planning , McGraw Hill

8. Water resources hand book; Larry W. Mays, McGraw International Edition

9. H.S. Ang and W.H. Tang, Probability Concepts in Engineering Planning & Design John Wiley, 1975.


10. J.R. Benjamin and C.A. Cornell; Probability statistics decisions for Civil Engineering, McHill 1975.

11. Arthur Mass et al, Design of Water Resources Systems, MacMillan 1962.

12. L. D. James & R.R.Leo, Economics of Water Recourses Planning, McGraw Hills, NY 1971.

13. W. A. Hill & J. A. Dracup, Water Resources Systems Engineering.

14. Watershed Management B.M. Tideman

15. Watershed Shed Management V.V. Dhrava Narayana, G Sastry, U.S. Patnaik.

16. Water Resources Design Planning Engg and Economic; Edward Kuiper, Butterworth & Co.


17. T.M. Lillesand and R.W. Kiefer, Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation, John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1994.

18. ANN in Hydrology; Govinda Raju & Ramachandra Rao; PHI

19. Handbook of Applied Hydrology by Van Tee Chow- McGRAW Hill

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