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Top Books Reference Books for Earthquake Engineering

Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Admin


1. Earthquake resistance design of structure by Duggal- Oxford University Press.

2. Dynamics of structure by Clough R.W. and Penzin J. McGraw Hill Civil Engineering Series

3. Dynamics of structure by Anil Chopra, Prentice Hall India Publication

4. Dynamics of structure by Mario Paz, CBSPD Publication

5 .Earthquake Resistant Design by David J. Downik, John Wiley and Sons Publicatio

6. Earthquake Tips NICEE, IIT, Kanpur

7. Elements of Earthquake Engineering by Jaikrishna and Chandarsekaran.

8. Geo-technical Earthquake Engineering by Kramer S. L. Prentice Hall India Publication

9. Introduction to Structural Dynamics by John M. Biggs

10. Mechanical Vibrations by V. P. Singh

11. Relevant Latest Revisions of IS codes

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