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Best Subcontractor Software of 2021

Last Updated on April 18, 2023 by Admin

The success of most construction companies lies in project management. While some construction companies manage all projects with no help from other parties, most successful companies use subcontractor software to outsource help when need be. As such, the growth rate and project success level are incomparable. If you own a construction company, using subcontractor software will simplify your projects.


Subcontractor software is an essential tool such as documents, inventory, equipment, and project management. Most software also has additional features such as on-site tracking, workflow report generation, timelines re-scheduling, and equipment maintenance alerts.

There are many subcontractor software, with each promising different features. To help you choose a great subcontractor software, here are some features that you should consider:

  • Reporting tools – Communication is key, especially where many teams are involved. As such, ensure you choose subcontractor software that has reporting tools. While this is a simple feature, it can affect the productivity rate not forgetting the success of a project.
  • Data security – Data security is a major concern in the internet age. If your company data is compromised, you can not only lose vital information but also be susceptible to fraud cases and phishing. The subcontractor software should have data security controls in place.
  • Real-time updates – You do not want to be forced to visit a construction site every so often. Subcontractor software should provide real-time updates on projects. This makes it easier to monitor projects and identifies any underlying issues.
  • Unlimited accessibility – Subcontractor software should not be limited to accessibility hindrances. As such, it should be accessible irrespective of the time and location. Also, mobile accessibility is vital as it eases access even when one is away from the office.
  • Customer support – Seeing that technical challenges and problems can arise at any given time, unlimited customer support is key. Choose subcontractor software that grants you access to a support system when need be.
  • File sharing – A good subcontractor software has a central sharing point. This ensures easy sharing of project documents. Teams can get insights and keep them in the loop from the start to the completion of the projects.

Now that you have some key features that you should consider while choosing subcontractor software, here are the 10 best subcontractor software in 2021.


1. Bridgit Solutions

This is a subcontractor software tailored to improve the quality and productivity of your projects. Some of its features are:

  • Resource management and planning – This includes the optimization of team allocations to eliminate bottlenecks, meet project milestones and increase the chances for repeat businesses.
  • Inspection management
  • Communication tools to enable project transparency

2. Stack

This is a subcontractor software designed to improve project efficiency and profitability. It is designed for team collaboration, project reporting, plan room management, and material take-off among others.

Among the primary features include:

    • Anytime, any device, and anywhere access
    • Integration with Excel
    • Exporting and printing
    • Real-time collaboration

3. Autocount

  • Unlimited support
  • Compatibility with TIFF, PDF, and Earth Images
  • Free software upgrades

4. PlanHub

This is a centralized quoting and planning system. It is designed for small to medium subcontractors and may not be ideal for large subcontractors. It is an easy bid management software with fantastic features including:

  • Customized plan room
  • Ease of use
  • Unlimited project posting
  • Real-time collaboration

5. JobPower

This is a fully integrated job management and accounting subcontractor and contractor software.

Its features include:

  • Data management
  • Secure document storage
  • Export and import capabilities
  • Integration with an accounting system

6. Autodesk construction cloud

Autodesk construction cloud connects teams, workflows, and data. In doing this, the software ensures the reduction of risk, maximizes efficiency hence better project management.

Among the features include:

  • Bid management
  • Easy coordination between teams
  • Easy visualization of quantities
  • Unification of the entire team with access to all information feature

7. PlanSwift

Suitable for both residential and commercial subcontractors, this is an on-screen system that is preferred due to its functionality.

Its features include:

  • Single click features- These allow users to calculate digitized values such as material costs and labor with a few simple clicks on the screen. As such users can measure square footage and linear footage with one click.
  • Integration with Microsoft Excel
  • Take-off feature- These includes the drag-and-drop capability, automatic prompts, and hyperlinks addition

8. Procore

Procore eases the process of mobile construction. As such, the subcontractor platform is helpful in the management of materials, people, and change.

With Procore, you get:

  • Accurate and up to date information
  • Central storage of documents
  • Ability to monitor the progress of a project remotely Efficient allocation of resources
  • Protection of labor costs due to the full visibility of the teams and materials
  • Connection to any accounting system
  • Design coordination

9. Constructtrue

Manage, collaborate and control your team with Constructtrue. Whether your project entails filed foremen with tables on-site, your office team working from the office, and even off-site surveys, you will get amazing features such as;

  • Real-time connection to all project details
  • In-built features for any help you may need
  • Platform simplicity
  • Customizable features
  • Seamless scheduling
  • Field and email text notifications
  • Certificate tracking
  • Generation of daily work tickets and field reports

10. ProEst

ProEst is designed to meet all your project needs. From enabling you to get bids quickly to fast calculation and estimation of project costs, consider this software for your construction projects.

Among its features include:

  • Time-saving tools
  • Advanced integration features
  • In-build pricing updates
  • Easy and fast estimations
  • Digital takeoffs
  • Free support and maintenance

11. Buildertrend

The project helps subcontractors carry out projects while avoiding delays, increasing customer satisfaction, and eliminating delays. With features such as cost estimation, change order, document, and communication tools not forgetting scheduling, this is your go-to subcontractor software. 

We have given plenty of options to choose from. And you may be torn between this subcontractor software. However, when choosing the software for your subcontractor company, ensure you put your company’s needs first. For instance, if you mostly struggle with project costs, prioritize a subcontractor software that will help in the cost control process.

Also, the budget should be another consideration. The pricing of these platforms differs. If you have complex needs, you can go for pricier software. However, if the software is tailored towards normal daily takes, you do not have to bend your budget, especially if your company is just starting or if you are financially strained.

Another factor is software migration. If it is impossible to migrate your data from one software to another, do not go for such an option. All in all, the subcontractor software should streamline project operations and enhance productivity.

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