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Top 105 Interior Design and Fit-out Companies India 2023

Top interior design companies in India

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Are you looking for the best interior design and fit-out companies in India for your next project? Look no further! In this article, we bring you a comprehensive list of the top 105 interior design and fit-out companies in India for 2023. We’ll break down the pros and cons of each company, so you can make an informed decision on which company will work best for your needs.


Indians are adopting new house designs and decorations due to the infusion of cultures and international trends. As per this report, India’s marketplace for interior design was valued at USD 23.2 billion in 2020, and it is anticipated to grow to USD 38.2 billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 7.4% from 2021 to 2027.

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105 Best Interior Design and Fit-out Companies In India 2023

Here, we have compiled the best Interior fit-outs companies in India. All these companies have great potential to grow in the coming years as the interior fit-out market share will surely increase.

*Note: This is not a ranking. This list is not based on any selection criteria. The list is only for information purposes. We have collected this data from the internet.

We have found 105 best companies from India’s interior design and fit-out sectors. If you want to make your career with them, kindly go to their career pages and apply for the current openings. Soon we will add more companies from the Interior design & fit-out sector. The list order is as per companies’ office locations and not as per any ranking.

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We present you with a list of India’s top interior fit-out companies. All these companies listed here are doing great in shaping India’s interior design and fit-outs market. Because of the emergence of these companies, customers have more options to decorate their houses at their own pace and various options to customize the design they want.

All these companies provide solutions from interior design fit-outs and decoration to complete home automation services. The list includes interior fit-out companies in Bangalore, interior fit-out companies in Chennai, top interior fit-out companies in Delhi, interior fit-out companies in Mumbai, and interior fit-out companies in Pune.


When furnishing a new home, you can consider these companies from the interior design industry. The internal design fit-outs market is continuously increasing in India as many small customers also go for fully furnished homes within their budgets. You can also consider unique sinks for bathrooms that can add a touch of luxury and style to your space.

Find the best interior home design, interior companies, interior design companies in Bangalore, interior design companies in Mumbai, interior design companies in Hyderabad, interior companies in Delhi, interior companies in Kolkata in Mumbai, and interior companies in Pune. There are companies on the list operating in all the major cities of India.

S.No. Company Name Location
1 SOBHA | Interiors Bangalore
2 Ace Interiors Bengaluru
3 Acme Interiors Interior Design Company Bengaluru
4 Bonito Designs Bengaluru
5 Carafina Interior Designers Bengaluru
6 DE PANACHE Bengaluru
7 Design Café Bengaluru
8 Vinra Interiors Bengaluru
9 Magnon India Bengaluru
10 MasterPiece India Pvt. Ltd Bengaluru
11 MEFCO Bengaluru
12 Nag Interior Private Limited Bengaluru
13 Om Sai Interiors Bengaluru
14 Perfect Interior Design   Bengaluru
15 S&T Interiors and Contracting  Bengaluru
16 Shapoorji Pallonji & Co. Ltd. – CMG Bengaluru
17 SHREEJI ASIA Bengaluru
18 Teekays Interior Solutions Pvt Ltd Bengaluru
19 Trisha Interiors Bengaluru
20 Design Concepts Interior Design Company Bengaluru/Cochin
22 Elcon Infrastructure Chennai
23 INCI Interior Chennai
24 Ocean Interiors Chennai
25 Flipspaces Mumbai, Bangalore
26 Uniply Chennai
27 Vgosh Interior Management  Chennai
28 KK Technocrats Delhi
29 Spacewood Interiors Interior Design Company Delhi/Nagpur
31 3DA Gurugram
32 Brawn Globus Gurugram
33 Corporate Interiors Private Limited  Gurugram
34 NRM Interior Construction PVT LTD Gurugram
35 skvindi Gurugram
36 Spacematrix  Gurugram
37 Studiokon Ventures Private Limited Gurugram
38 Armson Homes Kerala
39 Monnaie Kerala
40 Woodnest Interiors Kerala
41 Bella N Decor Interior Design Company Kochi
42 D’Life Home Interiors Kochi
43 Finesse Kolkata
44 SubhAAkritee Kolkata
46 ANJ Mumbai
47 Apex Project Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai
48 Astral Designs Mumbai
50 Dreamspace India Mumbai
51 Rokoko Pune
52 Ensemble Interior Fit-Out Mumbai
54 Paam Construction Mumbai
55 Home2decor Mumbai
56 LiveSpace Mumbai
57 Lucid Design India Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai
58 Narsi & Associates Mumbai
59 Nitido Design Mumbai
60 Padam Interiors Mumbai
62 R K Interiors Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai
63 RP Interior Project PVT LTD Mumbai
65 Shriji Decor  Mumbai
66 Symphony Interior Turnkey Solutions Mumbai
67 Synergy Interiors Mumbai
68 The Future of Design-TFOD Mumbai
69 Vector Projects (I) Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai
70 Nikhil Kunte Interior Design Mumbai
71 DHIPL Mumbai/Surat
72 Mithi Interiors Pvt. Ltd New Delhi
73 Ansa Interiors New Delhi
74 Bellacasa Interiors New Delhi
75 C5 Design And Products Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi
76 Casa Paradox New Delhi
77 Dezinetree Projects Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi
78 Enrys Construction & Interio  New Delhi
79 Fitout – Dream Factory New Delhi
80 GEODESIGNS Interior Design Company New Delhi
81 Hba International India Private Limited New Delhi
82 Interior options New Delhi
83 K2INDIA New Delhi
84 Morphosis Projects Pvt. Ltd New Delhi
85 PacificIN New Delhi
87 Synergy Corporate Interiors Pvt. Ltd New Delhi
88 Value Interior Prv. Ltd. New Delhi
89 Vedanta Interiors Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi
90 Vencom New Delhi
91 Verve Interio New Delhi
92 Zed Associates Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi
94 Chaukor Studio Noida
95 DdecorArch Noida
96 Design My Space – Interior Design Company Noida
97 Crystaspace   Noida
98 Genesis Infra Noida
100 Adsprojects Pune
101 Design Excracts Pune
102 Floor-Space India Pvt. Ltd. Pune
103 GBRN Projects Interior Design Company Pune
104 zyeta Pune
105 Xclusive Interiors Pvt. Ltd.

Important interior design and fit-out companies

Apart from the above list of the top 105 Best Interior Design and Fit-out Companies, Also based on various sources, here is a comprehensive list of the top interior design and fit-out companies in India, along with their specializations and notable aspects:

  1. Vaishali Kamdar Associates: Known for a contemporary and lush aesthetic, with projects in retail, commercial, and residential sectors.
  2. The Orange Lane by Shabnam Gupta: Specializes in eclectic and vibrant homes, preferred by many Bollywood stars.
  3. Samira Rathod Design Atelier: Recognized for bold, minimal styles with a focus on sustainability.
  4. Rooshad Shroff: A multidisciplinary company known for integrated design philosophy, artisanship, and high-end luxury.
  5. Iram Sultan Design Studio: Multi-award-winning studio with a portfolio including celebrity homes and corporate offices.
  6. FADD Studio: Innovative, contemporary designs known for incorporating quirky elements.
  7. Atelier Ashiesh Shah: Influenced by Japanese Wabi-Sabi philosophy, specializing in high-profile homes and retail spaces.
  8. Spaces and Design: Blend of Indian heritage and Nordic styles, known for immersive “inside-out” experiences.
  9. Annkur Khosla Design Studio: Known for soulful, meaningful homes with path-breaking designs.
  10. ZZ Architects: A multidisciplinary firm known for a diverse range of projects from luxurious villas to corporate towers.
  11. Livspace: An innovative interior design platform combining technology with personalized design solutions.
  12. Urban Ladder: Online furniture and home décor platform offering a seamless and delightful experience.
  13. Pepperfry: A large e-commerce platform for furniture and home décor in India.
  14. HomeLane: Provides end-to-end interior design solutions with a focus on customer satisfaction and personalization.
  15. Godrej Interio: Part of the Godrej Group, known for a range of interior solutions for homes, offices, and commercial spaces.
  16. Asian Paints: Recognized for innovative products and a wide range of colors.
  17. Interiortree: Specializes in residential and commercial interior design with a focus on modular kitchen design.
  18. Morphogenesis is an award-winning firm known for sustainable and holistic design solutions.
  19. Fulcrum Design Studio (FDS): Mumbai-based firm known for contemporary designs in architecture and interior design.
  20. Design Cafe: Offers services from residential interior design to modular kitchen design.
  21. Subir Malik Design
  22. ZZ Architects
  23. AD50
  24. ZED
  25. SRDA
  26. Architecture Brigade
  27. Sunita Kohli Interiors
  28. Inside Outside
  29. Kuvio Studio
  30. Minimal
  31. Architecture Unplugged
  32. Spaces
  33. I Interiors
  34. Area Interior Design
  35. RDC
  36. The Design House
  37. Shabnam Gupta Interiors
  38. Mad About Interiors
  39. Gauri Khan Designs
  40. Square One Interiors

These companies represent a mix of established firms and emerging trendsetters in India’s interior design and fit-out industry. They are known for their innovative approaches, use of sustainable materials, and ability to create customized, functional, and aesthetically pleasing spaces.

Final Reflections

India’s bustling construction and real estate sector have given rise to some of the Best Interior Fitting Contractor Companies in India, known for their innovative designs and quality craftsmanship. These companies specialize in transforming spaces to meet the aesthetic and functional needs of clients, ranging from residential to commercial projects.

The commercial Office Fit Out Companies in India are particularly in demand, as they cater to the growing needs of businesses looking for modern, efficient, and comfortable office spaces. These companies understand the nuances of creating work environments that are both productive and visually appealing.

Interior design companies in India offer a wide range of services, from traditional decor to contemporary designs, catering to diverse tastes and requirements. Retail interior fitout companies specialize in designing retail spaces, creating visually appealing and customer-friendly store layouts that enhance the shopping experience.


The rise of interior design startups and companies has brought fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the industry. These startups often leverage new technologies and sustainable practices in their designs. Top interior design and fit out companies in India are recognized for their excellence in delivering high-quality, bespoke interior solutions.

From the above list, the top 10 interior fit-out companies in India and Top 10 interior design and fit out companies in India are known for their exceptional service, attention to detail, and ability to execute complex projects with precision. The List of interior design and fit out companies in India includes a range of firms, from established players to emerging new talents.

The Best interior design and fit out companies in India set themselves apart with their commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and innovative design solutions. The list of interior design companies in India showcases firms specializing in various styles, from minimalist and contemporary to ornate and traditional designs.

MNC companies for interior design often bring international standards and global design trends to the Indian market, catering to a clientele looking for world-class interiors. The list of interior design firms is extensive, offering choices for different budgets, styles, and project scales.

Top Corporate Interiors Design Firms & Companies companies in India focus on creating functional and aesthetically pleasing corporate spaces. The top interior companies in India are known for their creative solutions, timely delivery, and ability to handle diverse project demands.

Luxury interior designers in India cater to the high-end market, offering bespoke designs and exclusive materials. Interior design famous companies have established a reputation for excellence and creativity in their projects.

Retail interior designers specialize in creating engaging and functional retail spaces that attract customers and enhance the shopping experience. Retail fitout and designs are crucial for businesses to stand out in a competitive market, requiring an understanding of brand identity, customer behavior, and space utilization.

All these listed above are India’s best interior design and interior fit-out companies. You can consider these companies to be the best interior designers in India. Kindly check the interior design companies’ websites for more information. If you are looking for the answer, how many interior designers are there in India? The answer is that in 2023, there are more than 1 lakh interior designers in India.

These companies are operating interior home design, home decor, and the design of commercial office spaces. Find here the top interior designers in Bangalore, interior designers in Mumbai, interior designers in Pune, interior designers in Hyderabad, interior designers in Kolkata, interior designers in Gurgaon, interior design companies in Chennai, interior design companies in Kerala, and also, from all the major Indian cities and states.

We will keep on adding more companies to the list. If you are a company providing services in the same domain and would like to add your company name to the list, mail us at construplacements@gmail.com or info@constructionplacements.com.

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Which company is the best for interior designing in India?

The best company for interior designing in India can vary based on specific needs and design preferences. However, firms like Gensler, HBA International, and Aamir and Hameeda Interior Designers are often recognized for their innovative designs and high-quality service. These companies offer a range of styles and cater to various sectors, including residential, commercial, and hospitality.

What is a fit out in interior design?

A fit out in interior design refers to the process of making interior spaces suitable for occupation. It is often used in the context of office developments, where the base construction is completed by the developer, and the final fit out by the occupant. The process includes installing flooring, ceilings, furnishings, and decorating the space according to the client’s requirements.

What is the biggest interior design company?

The biggest interior design company globally is Gensler, known for its extensive portfolio and large-scale projects across various continents. In India, companies like HBA International and DSP Design Associates are among the largest, offering a wide range of interior design services with a significant footprint in the industry.

What is an interior fit out job?

An interior fit out job involves completing the interior spaces of buildings to make them suitable for use. This includes activities like installing walls, floors, ceilings, and furniture, as well as electrical and plumbing services. Fit out jobs can range from simple installations to extensive remodeling projects.

How do interior designers charge for their services in India?

Interior designers in India typically charge for their services based on the project size, complexity, and the designer’s experience. They may charge a flat fee, an hourly rate, or a percentage of the project’s total cost. Some designers also offer package deals for specific services.

Are sustainable practices prevalent in interior design in India?

Sustainable practices are increasingly prevalent in interior design in India, with many designers focusing on eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient designs, and minimizing waste. This shift is driven by growing environmental awareness and the desire to create healthier living and working spaces.

What are the emerging trends in interior design in India?

Emerging trends in interior design in India include the use of smart home technology, minimalist designs, and incorporating traditional Indian elements with a modern twist. There is also a growing emphasis on creating multi-functional and flexible spaces that reflect the occupants’ personalities and lifestyle needs.

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