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Interior Fit-Out Dubai UAE Market – Forecast and Opportunities

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Interior Fit-Out Dubai UAE Market is one of the largest markets in the world, as  Dubai UAE is famous for all the marvelous and spectacular architectural monuments The Fit-out is the term used to describe the process of making interior spaces suitable for occupation. Clearly they are the backbone of the design sector and field filled with massive competition. According to the market report by Ventures Onsite report made in 2018, the interior fit-out market in the UAE is one of the GCC’s fastest-growing industries.

The UAE Interior fit-out market is forecasted to reach $973.4 million by the end of 2022.

Interior Fit-Out Dubai UAE Market 2019

This much-anticipated growth in the market will boom the commercial sector, hospitals, residential and retails projects in UAE.​ In the UAE Abu Dhabi and Dubai are two major commercial hubs. These commercial hubs are experiencing robust growth in the construction and real estate sector, due to which the interior fit-out Dubai market is also stirred with huge projects and is seeing the upward trend in business.

According to “UAE Interior Fit-Out Market By Application, By The region, Competition Forecast and Opportunities, 2022“, the interior Fit-Out market in UAE is anticipated to grow at a healthy growth rate.

UAE is spearheading the share of interiors and fit-out spend in the GCC region at 39 percent. State spending is expected to total $15.5 billion in 2019. Expenditure on the health, education, and housing sectors represent 33 percent of the total 2019 budget.

according to the Dubai Design and Fashion Council, projections for the UAE design market is expected to reach $36 billion by 2019.

There are multiple factors driving growth in the market for interiors and fit-out Dubai in the UAE, new residential projects are most certainly one of the biggest reasons given the scale of construction in the country.

This segment is going to gain further momentum, with many of the projects reaching completion in preparation for Dubai Expo 2020. Refurbishments also continue to be a key demand driver in the industry and are very significant in terms of soft furnishings.

Various businesses in the UAE have been reaping attention for their rapid growth and enormous values. One such sector is the commercial fit-out industry. With Dubai’s reputation as home to exciting architectural and interior design wonders such as the Burj Khalifa and Atlantis, The Palm, knowing the successes of the industry is important. This can help address challenges to create a more fruitful and valuable sector for the country and its people.

Challenges In The Fit Out Market In The UAE

To ensure the success of this industry, facing challenges becomes an important part, the following are some of the challenges faced by the interior fit-out Dubai industry.


Commercial fit-out means that there will be the renovation of an existing space instead of building a new property.  This itself signals an inclination towards sustainability, which can be considered a good thing, given the rising calls for environmental preservation and current trends.  However, a move towards sustainability poses a challenge this might require an overhaul not only in the aesthetic design but also the system built into the structures.

Managing Demands And Budgets

As foreseen in the light of the Expo 2020, the push towards an improve hospitality industry and other commercial developments require more spaces, it is reasonable to anticipate a surge in demands not only for hospitality facilities but also for office and rental spaces. Whilst getting the manpower and finding a reliable service provider may not be an issue, finishing the project in time maybe.

More than managing the demands, it is also important to consider constraints in the budget. Keep in mind that interior fit-out requires halting the operations of the establishment being refurbished. Whilst it can lead to faster project completion, as opposed to doing it section by section, this leads to minimal or the complete ceasing of income. Aside from potentially hurting the revenues, these can national projects are under the pressure of working within the budget.

One optimistic side of demand and budgetary challenges is the fact that there are anticipated surges in the hospitality and tourism industry as brought forth by various projects particularly the Expo 2020.

Keeping Up with the Times

The industry has to face always dynamic changing trends. The tried and tested traditional design has an upper hand when luxury is the utmost priority. To fetch the needs of the customers the interior fit-out companies have challenges in adopting modern techniques and styles.

Various Services Offered By Interior Fit-out Companies

1. Fit-outs Contracts

2. Design And Build

3. Complete Turnkey Solutions

4. Retail Consultancy

    • 3D Visualization & Space Planning
    • Furniture Design & Manufacturing
    • Office Furniture
    • Office, Hospitality & Retail Design
    • Partition Systems
    • Project Estimation, Execution & Management

5. Interior Design

    • 3D Rendering & Visualization
    • Branding
    • Conceptualization
    • Furniture Design
    • Material Selection
    • Space Planning
    • Zoning Layouts
    • Customer Collaboration

6. MEP and IT

    • AutoCAD MEP Design and Drafting
    • Mechanical Design Drawings
    • Electrical System Design
    • Load Calculation
    • Plumbing Drafting Drawings
    • 3D Modeling Services
    • HVAC System Duct Design
    • Firefighting and Fire Alarm Design

7. Joinery

8. Project Management

    • Detailed budget analysis,
    • In-depth cost ANALYSIS
    • Project feasibility analysis,
    • Cost flow forecasting,

9. Manufacturing

10. Drawings And Approvals

11. Refurbishment

12. Value Engineering

13. Interior Landscaping

Top 10 Interior Fit-out companies in UAE

Listed below are some of the best interior fit-out companies in the UAE region they operate in all the major cities in UAE.

  1. A&T Group  Interiors
  2. Decolab Group
  3. S&T Interiors And Contracting
  4. Hennessey Llc
  5. Summertown
  6. Horton Tech Interiors
  7. Bond Interiors Llc
  8. Plafond Fit Out Llc
  9. Al Tayer Stocks Llc
  10. Xworks Interiors Llc


As it is, the interior fit-out Dubai market in the UAE may continue to thrive in the coming years. The future of the interior fit-out market is very lucrative in the coming years as various projections of developments are done in interior design, construction, and real estate sectors. This combined with the apparent challenges faced by the industry helps cement the continued growth not only of the sector but especially the country.



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