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Join this Career Planning & Self Development Master Class [10 Courses] Only for $39.99

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It is essential to come up with your career planning as it gives you the much-needed direction and makes it clear there where you see yourself in the future. It makes you informed of your strength and weaknesses and the skills and knowledge that are required to accomplish your goals in the future.

In these courses, you can find all the necessary techniques & tips on effective job search strategies to land your next dream job and make an informed decision about your career planning in 2021.

Courses: 10

Lessons Covered: 469

Courses Included in this Master Class

Following are the 10 top trending courses are included in this masterclass bundle.

1. Job Interview Skills Training Course

Handle Interviews Like a Pro, Wow Your Potential Employer & Land That Job!

  • Access 21 lectures & 1 hour of content 24/7
  • Access 21 lectures & 1 hour of content 24/7
  • Prepare for job interviews like an absolute pro
  • Perform due diligence, prepare for success & challenge yourself
  • Get a proven 10-step process for interview success
  • Know some tools & tips that you will love
  • Leverage on feedback & mistakes
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2. Interview Skills for Tech Jobs: 15 Brain Teaser Questions

Apple, Google & Amazon Questions You Need to Know for Tech and IT Job Interviews

  • Access 20 lectures & 1 hour of content 24/7
  • Learn how to answer 15 key brain teaser questions
  • Develop your interview skills for tech jobs
  • Know the formula for answering any brain teaser puzzle
  • Get a job at Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon & other tech firms
  • Learn from previous job applicants sharing these questions
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3. Resume & CV Writing: Industry Expert Hacks

Pass HR & Computer Screening and Get Invited to the Interview

  • Access 19 lectures & 1 hour of content 24/7
  • Create a CV that gets you noticed & increases chances of being selected by 90%
  • Know what info not to put in your CV
  • Create a logical path in your CV
  • Format your CV & make it visually appealing
  • Use power-words that gets you selected more likely than your peers
  • Highlight relevant experience even if you have almost no experience
  • Pass HR & computer screening and get invited to an interview
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4. Salary Negotiation: Get What You Are Worth

Ace the Salary Negotiation During Your Job Interviews

  • Access 10 lectures & 1 hour of content 24/7
  • Know how much your future colleagues are making
  • Understand why you’d want to ask for more not less
  • Define your range & know what is too much
  • Learn how to ask for the salary that you deserve
  • Develop credibility & persuasion during a job interview
  • Know what the biggest mistakes are & how to avoid them
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5. How to Find & Land That Dream Job

Pick the Perfect Job That You’ll Love & Develop a Strategy to Get Qualified

  • Access 14 lectures & 2 hours of content 24/7
  • Know what a dream job looks like for you
  • Develop a career strategy to get there
  • Complete your personal SWOT, your Job Marketing Matrix & your personal value proposition
  • Beat the other candidates to win it thanks to careful targeting
  • Use professional sales & marketing strategies for your dream job
  • Know what interviewers look for & get ready for it
  • Build professional networks for future progress
  • Learn your real strengths
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6. Complete Speed Reading for Entrepreneurs Course

Create an Almost Magical Ability to Connect Ideas & Maintain Rapid Momentum in Your Business. One of the best courses on Career Development.

  • Access 25 lectures & 1 hour of content 24/7
  • Learn the benefits of reading
  • Know the modern-day reading leaders & how they become successful
  • Learn how to build an effective reading mindset
  • Find out the ways on how to maximize your learning
  • Know how to accelerate your reading skill
  • Get bonus materials for an extra boost
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7. Interview Better Than Anyone by an Award-Winning MBA Professor

Get Techniques on How to Ace Interviews & Get the Job of Your Dreams

  • Access 160 lectures & 5 hours of content 24/7
  • Interview better than anybody else using award-winning MBA professor Chris Haroun’s methodology
  • Add structure to your answers & use frameworks that the interviewer will appreciate and understand
  • Answer questions a certain way that helps you know what question the interviewer will ask you next
  • Know what words to use & what words to never use
  • Understand how to think like the interviewer, which will increase your chances of getting hired
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8. 50 Career & Self Development Tips: Welcome to the New You!

Reinvent Yourself with These 50 Amazing Personal Development Ideas & Life-Altering Personal Improvement Strategies

  • Access 63 lectures & 1 hour of content 24/7
  • Learn how to reinvent yourself in ways that you never thought were possible
  • Find out what your passion & your professional purpose is
  • Significantly increase your level of happiness at work & away from work
  • Understand the importance of mentoring others
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9. Build the Best Resume+Linkedin Profile by Award-Winning Prof

Get Your Dream Job by Knowing Exactly How to Format & Create the Perfect Resume & LinkedIn Profile

  • Access 65 lectures & 3 hours of content 24/7
  • Build your perfect resume & LinkedIn profile and get more recruiters/employers to find you
  • Know what accomplishments to put on your resume
  • Understand what impactful words you should include on your resume
  • Get an easy way on SEO & learn how to rank higher in Google search rankings
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10. Interviewing Skills: Ace the Job Search in 2021

Impress Your Future Employer with Only the Best Answers to All Interviews. One of the best courses on Career Development.

  • Access 72 lectures & 4 hours of content 24/7
  • Learn how to properly answer interview questions
  • Gain confidence
  • Know different personality types & how to work on them
  • Properly negotiate your salary
  • Learn how to best answer difficult questions
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