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Why you want to leave your company within six months of joining?

You might have come across your friends, relatives or any of your acquaintances
or might be this happened with yourself, that after joined a company you feel
depressed and devastated and want to leave your current organization as early
as possible, you are not happy in your job at all and are wondering here and
there to look for any new job opportunity. This is a very serious issue these
days lot of people are facing and complaining. Why this happens? When you are
jobless you want job, whatever the profile and pay packages that company offers
to you because you want to survive in the marketplace. I have seen lots of the
people don’t even read the job description or they don’t even ask in the
interview what would be their work profile. sometimes companies also not reveal
all about the job profile, and once you are on board you are surprised that you
need to perform the tasks which you never imagined in your wildest dream or
which are different from what the job profile company promised or the work
conditions for which you are not prepared or comfortable. Few people are meant to
be adaptable to variations but not all; because they don’t want to fight with
the situation they want their own share of money at the month’s end that’s it. But
those who want to make their career for them this situation is very difficult
to face. They have invested so many years and their parent’s hard earned money
not to get this type of job profile and so to come out of this situation they
start with the strenuous process of job searching. If you find yourself in the
same situation get out of it right now, otherwise you will spoil your future career.
There are many reasons why someone wants to leave his/her company only after
joining 2-3 month, following are the few reasons there might be other reasons
* The Financial problem, as you might not get paid adequate or underpaid.
* Family and peer pressure


*Ignorant or not well informed about the job profile offered and company


* Location constraints.
* Not getting salary on time and what was promised.
* Company leave policy
*No scope for future growth.

So the question is how
to avoid this type of situation?

If you want to make your
career then you need to be firm and don’t compromise on the job front, don’t join
the company which is not giving you promising career, go through the job
description as all the information related to job responsibilities are
mentioned there, asked as many questions you can in the interview to clear your
doubts, research about the company , find out the company employees and take
their reviews before taking a decision, don’t join the company only  because of pay packages,
Ask yourself theses
What is there for me to explore
my career?
Why should I join this particular
What value addition or experience
would I gain?
What are the future opportunities
for me?
Is this the type of company
which I dreamed about?
I think after answering
these questions, you will definitely take a better decision.
If you plan and search
properly, you will surly find your dream job on your terms, but you need to be
patient and well informed about your field of work and the job market. You must
be equipped with all the tools needed to fight your battle in the job market. Narrow
down your vision of 180 degrees to 90 degrees so that you can be focused in
only one direction. Don’t get distracted by what others have chosen or what
they are doing, focus on your target. You need to be like racing horse you are
not allowed to stop in-between the race and completely focus on your target.
Best Luck…!

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