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Eliminate Manual Mistakes with Cutting-Edge Construction Estimate Software

Last Updated on March 19, 2023 by Admin

“Accurate construction estimates are the backbone of the project’s success, better project planning, and informed decision-making.”


But is it possible manually to achieve all these at One-GO?

No, manually it is not but digitally it is a big YES. As you can see, more than 50% of construction companies have started adopting construction-specific software to streamline their business operations.

Similarly when it comes to the construction estimating process, using estimating software for construction can make a huge difference. Producing accurate estimates quickly, informed decision-making, and appropriate resource allocation with increased collaboration and transparency among project teams, help eliminates manual mistakes and errors.


Let’s deep dive and see how using estimating software for construction helps minimize manual mistakes.

Manual Construction Estimating Mistakes

Humans are prone to errors. Hence, while estimating the construction projects manually it is obvious that mistakes will occur. The question is what mistakes will occur? And what is the solution to overcome those mistakes?

Here’s a list of some common construction estimating mistakes:

1. Inaccurate material quantities

Inaccuracy in calculating the material quantities can lead to over or underestimation of the same. The significance of material quantities may seem very little but it can actually control the whole construction project.

This error can lead to imbalanced material costs, leading to budget overruns or costly delays in project completion. It is obvious that we are not machines and hence 100% accuracy while calculating the quantities cannot be expected from us. Estimators may make mistakes in calculating material quantities due to incorrect calculations, or a lack of knowledge about the materials needed for the project.


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2. Inadequacy in labor cost estimation

If the surveys done by QuickBooks and TSheets, are to be believed then estimating labor costs is the hardest task to perform and they are even ranked as the “most expensive project costs.”

This is because the data involved in calculating accurate labor costs might be complex. From the number of available workers for the project, their experience level, rate of pay, and productivity to how many hours they worked are numerous factors to consider. Apart from this, unexpected events such as employee turnover, overtime, and delays in project completion can further complicate the labor cost calculations.

3. Overlooking hidden costs

There are chances that humans may miss out on something while estimating the construction costs. For instance, overlooking hidden costs, such as permit fees, inspection costs, or project management fees. These hidden costs can significantly impact the project budget and timeline.

Furthermore, there are chances that due to unforeseen circumstances, changes in orders, and sudden material price fluctuations, additional costs rise, which becomes difficult to update or change manually in the cost structure. This creates the need for automated construction estimating software.

4. Unprofessional bidding

“A well-crafted construction bid is key to winning the construction project.”

Professional-looking bids have a higher chance to win in comparison to


unprofessional ones. The manually created bids might include:

  • incomplete or inappropriate data,
  • the use of informal language or an inappropriate tone,
  • failure to include important project specifications,
  • lack of detailed breakdown of the proposed work.

These mistakes can send a wrong signal to potential clients hampering the company’s reputation. It can also force the users to think that the company is disorganized, inexperienced, or not serious about winning the project.

5. Poor interactions with the dealers

Good and healthy relationships In the construction industry, with suppliers and dealers, ensure timely and cost-effective delivery of materials.  However, poor interactions with dealers can negatively impact these relationships and ultimately harm the success of the project.

When construction companies send out numerous requests for quotes without paying close attention to the specifics or the tone of their communication. This may lead This can result in sloppy requests or one-off emails, which may not be taken seriously by dealers.  A lack of professionalism and attention to detail can convey the wrong message and cause dealers to respond slowly or inadvertently.

6. Time-taking estimation process

Because of the labor-intensive, and error-prone manual methods while estimating the construction costs, there may be unwanted delays leading to loss of revenue and reduction in productivity.

Role of Construction Estimate Software in Eliminating Them

No doubt that construction projects are complex and require accurate cost estimation to ensure sure success shots. But as seen above, it is not possible to manually achieve this.

Using estimating software for construction can help eliminate errors and improve the accuracy of cost estimation, leading to more successful and profitable projects. By automating routine manual processes, common mistakes can be avoided.

Here are some key features and benefits of construction estimate software:

  • Automated cost estimations can reduce errors and save time.
  • Integration with project management tools can improve workflow and communication.
  • Real-time cost tracking and analysis can help identify potential cost overruns and adjust the project budget accordingly.
  • Accurate and detailed cost estimates can improve bidding accuracy and help win more projects.
  • Historical data related to projects and analytics can be used to inform potential cost estimation and improve project planning.
  • Because of mobile compatibility, on-the-go cost estimation and project management are made possible to accurately estimate costs.
  • Cloud-based storage and backup facilitate data security and data access from anywhere and anytime.
  • The template customization allows the creation of tailored cost estimation and helps generate effective insights for specific project needs.
  • All the team members can freely operate the easy-to-use interface and user-friendly design that make cost estimation and project management more efficient and accessible.

Overall, the role of construction estimate software is crucial in ensuring the success of construction projects.


Now that you know the significance of automation in your construction estimating process, it will be easy for you to avoid manual mistakes using construction estimating software. Adopt these tactics and streamline your routine estimating processes leveling up your profitability.

Digitalization can actually revolutionize your daily estimating procedures. So, bid adieu to the time taking manual estimation and welcome the automated world of the construction business.


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