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SP3D Piping Designer job Descriptions and Salary Details

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Piping design is a relatively new field in the construction industry, but it’s growing fast. To be a part of this growth, you must learn how to design piping systems. This article will provide job descriptions and salary details for some of the most popular SP3D piping designer jobs.

An SP3D piping designer is a professional who creates and designs SP3D piping systems. These systems are used in many industries, such as manufacturing, food processing, and environmental protection.

What is SP3D Software?

SP3D is a modeling software program that allows different disciplines to work on pipe designing simultaneously in a single relational database. All information is shared with all customers in real-time.

SP3D complete form is Smart Plant 3D Design, the software that provides 3D solutions for pipe and plant designs. SP3D online training teaches learners the skills to use this 3P modeling software.

SP3D is used to optimize the design of petrochemical setups, water refineries, power plants, oil, gas, and food industries. PDMS ensures that the companies have the suitable materials needed at the plant.

SP3D is a data-driven and rule-driven engineering software serving the industry with solutions to streamlining the design process. It allows all disciplines to work on one database and share all modifications in real-time.

Training opportunities like SP3D Training for piping techniques can expand your employment opportunities for power plants, petrochemicals, paper plants, and corporate buildings. You also get to learn techniques and tools like the piping design to help you succeed in this field.

What is an SP3D piping designer?

An SP3D piping designer is a professional who designs and manufactures piping systems. They use various software programs to create drawings of the piping system and 3-D models that show the design in more detail.

SP3d design engineer is responsible for designing, developing, and implementing piping systems in oil refineries and petrochemical plants.

The job includes assessing plant processes, identifying and evaluating system risks, determining the best piping configurations, and creating drawings and specifications.

Roles and Responsibilities of SP3d design engineer?

The job description for SPD Piping Designer includes the following:

  • Designing and creating 3D models of pipelines
  • Creating animations and visualizations of pipelines
  • Performing calculations related to pipeline design
  • Providing support to other team members


  • Prepare piping layouts and conceptual design problems in 2D and 3D CAD
  • Reviews drawings, and vendor equipment documentation, both within the discipline as well as from other fields, for compliance with project requirements and actively seeks resolution
  • Interface with other design disciplines
  • Proficient in 2D AutoCAD, Microstation, SP3D, and Smart plant review capabilities, as required
  • Should be able to work independently and handle an area with 4-5 designers/engineers.
  • Check moderately complex piping design drawings.
  • Conducts reviews of models using the 3D Review platform and creates 3D models of complex plants.
  • Applies project drawing standards to design drawings
  • Provide guidance and mentorship to lower classification piping designers.
  • Ensure to complete pipe components and run detailed drawings as necessary.
  • Review project parameters related to piping requirements.
  • Develop preliminary Bills of Materials concerning piping design.

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What are the qualifications for an SP3D piping designer?

  • The candidate should have a Diploma/ITI certification.
  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering or ITI/ NCTVT – Mechanical Draftsman.
  • Minimum 3 to 5 years of experience in industrial/commercial/Oil & Gas projects, fire protection design, development of general arrangement drawings, sprinkler layouts, piping layouts, Riser drawings, fire alarm drawings, etc., using 3D or 2D design tools.
  • Working knowledge of international codes and standards (ASME, International Mechanical Code, International Fire Code, International Building code, NFPA, etc.) used in Food and Consumer Industry, Manufacturing, Industrial and Commercial projects.
  • Knowledge of the application of engineering and construction materials related to the discipline’s design responsibilities.
  • Knowledge of industry and regulatory standards, design criteria, and codes relevant to the discipline.
  • Knowledge of discipline Design Guides, mathematical formulae, and design calculations used in the discipline.

SP3D piping designer Salary Details?

According to the website, the average salary for an entry-level piping designer is ₹28,636 per month in India.

Also, the average salary for an entry-level piping designer is $4,432 per month in the United States.


Piping designers design marine crafts and floating structures. They create CAD drawings, prepare designs, maintain project documentation, and draw layouts using pipe designing software; if you are interested in this career, inside the above job description to enter this profession.

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