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Check Out the Amenities When Renting a Pet-Friendly Apartment

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Before renting a pet-friendly apartment, check out these common features to look for. These features include Pet deposits, dog parks, and other common pet amenities. If you’re ready to rent an apartment with your new furry friend, read on to learn more about pet-friendly communities. Also, consider the types of animals you want to bring with you. Some apartments only allow cats and dogs while others accept ferrets, birds, fish, rabbits, and snakes.


Questions to ask before renting a pet-friendly apartment

When considering pet friendly apartments for rent in Dallas, you should be aware of the breed restrictions. Most pet-friendly apartment communities have breed restrictions, including dangerous and aggressive dogs. You may also find that there are size restrictions for cats and dogs. Be sure to ask the leasing agent for a list of breeds that are prohibited or restricted. If you have any concerns about the policies or the size of the pet’s habitat, voice them early on.

Another question to ask before renting a pet-friendly rental apartment is whether the building has parking. Parking is often an additional cost, but an apartment with assigned parking can save you time and money. If there are no assigned parking spaces, you may have to find street parking or pay for parking in nearby garages. It’s also important to read the pet policy thoroughly, as these policies vary by state and city.

Common pet amenities

A dog park isn’t the only amenity offered in a pet-friendly apartment. Many pet-friendly communities also provide in-building dog wash stations and communal play areas. Some even offer social gatherings for the entire building. Depending on the apartment building, other common amenities include communal dog runs and veterinary services. These features can make life much easier for residents and their pets. Listed below are some of the common amenities to look for when renting a pet-friendly apartment.


Several pet-friendly apartment buildings provide play areas for dogs and cat owners. Some even have rooftops that can be turned into a dog park. Having these amenities makes renting apartments near Tucson with pets more appealing to tenants. Aside from providing additional amenities for pet owners, pet-friendly properties can also increase the property’s rental income potential. Some pet-friendly apartment communities may charge a higher rental rate or add additional fees for pets.

Pet deposit

In most states, charging a pet deposit is legal unless the landlord does not allow pets. Moreover, landlords are prohibited from collecting more than a specified amount as a pet deposit. California has the highest pet deposit cap, but other states have fewer restrictions. Regardless, it is still important to find out the requirements for pet deposits before signing a lease. In some states, including Hawaii, a pet deposit is not permitted. The minimum pet deposit amount is one month’s rent.

The deposit is a one-time payment to cover damage that your pet may cause to the apartment. Damages from pets can include scratched floors, walls, and carpeting. If you have a pet, make sure to document the damages. Otherwise, you could lose your pet deposit. Be sure to ask your landlord to waive the deposit if necessary. If they do not, it is best to find another apartment.

Dog parks

One of the benefits of pet-friendly apartments is that they usually include a dog park for your pup to play in. Dog parks allow you to spend quality time with your dog while protecting against neighborhood hazards such as passing cars. Also, they allow kids to chase after their pets and ensure their safety. Dog parks also make living with a pet easier, and if you have a large breed dog, a nearby dog park might be your best bet.


Before choosing an apartment that allows pets, it is important to understand the landlord’s and property manager’s definition of a “no” list. Some properties will not accept aggressive or large dogs. Other property managers may want to restrict the number of dogs, as some breeds are less suited to living in an apartment. It is also important to research the area surrounding your new apartment to find one with a dog park.

Dog runs

While many luxury developments allow dogs, some do not. In NYC, some buildings only allow cats. Others limit the size of dogs allowed. Holy grail buildings, on the other hand, have special amenities for dogs and cats. Some of these include in-house grooming stations and spas. While you may find a great apartment that allows pets, make sure to read the rental agreement carefully. A dog run or other dog-friendly amenities can greatly reduce your chances of eviction if you do not have a pet policy.

Another great feature in an apartment that allows dogs is a dog run or park. Dog parks are particularly popular in urban settings and sparse local parks. They offer your pet a safe and convenient place to run and burn off some of its excess energy. Some buildings even have indoor dog runs so your dog doesn’t have to go outside! These amenities are sure to make life easier for both you and your pet.

Dog clean-up stations

A dog clean-up station is a great idea for any renter who has a pet and wants to make sure their community remains clean. Dog waste stations are usually located around common areas and double as disposal units. These stations can be stocked with plastic bags and placed in strategic locations. Place signage directing tenants to these stations. Pet waste stations also help keep areas clean and increase occupancy. A dog clean-up station is an excellent addition to any pet-friendly apartment community, and a landlord who puts one in his or her rental property will have happy tenants.

In addition to providing clean-up stations, a landlord should also include policies that require tenants to pick up their pet’s waste. These rules should be included in the lease, or at the very least, posted at the apartment building. If tenants do not follow the rules, they may face legal repercussions. Alternatively, they may choose to leave the waste on the floor in a public area. As a landlord, you will also have a legal case to evict tenants if you don’t follow the rules.


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