How To Hire Skill Rail Labour For Construction
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How To Hire Skill Rail Labour For Construction, Mining And Railways?

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Author: Amelia Varley


Labour Hire is the term used in Australia for hiring skilled and unskilled workforce through the outsourcing process. The process is basically used by several industries in the country. Still the major industries that are involved in this process are Construction, Mining and Railways. Where construction labourers are always in demand, rail labourers are demanded seasonally or occassionly.

When we talk about labour hire, there are three parties involved in such contracts i.e. labour hire company, actual labour and the host company. However, host company is directly in contract with labour hire companies only and do not have any direct contacts with the laborers that they hire.

Hire Skill Rail Labour For Construction, Mining, And Railways

Moreover, there is always a question about whether the host company have direct authority or control over the labour hired for the task. Precisely, the authority which they can exercise during the entire process of recruitment.  Yes, the host company can exercise control over certain decisions but not all respects whether they hire rail labourer or any other laborers of their choice, There are several situations where host companies have control, here are some example explaining the situationas as well as the level of control of host companies.

Labourer Qualifications

The very first question in the minds of the host company or the client is, “Is the labour whom I am planning to hire has the exact skill sets what I am looking for ?” If the answer is yes then further scrutiny will be done to find out the efficiencies of such emplyees. Before starting the hiring process, hiring companies ask for the detailed guidelines of skill sets, . The guidelines include everything from skill sets to license to experience levels, etc. Be it rail labourer or construction field, they will look out for candidates that meet their exact requirements.  Hence, hirers can exercise better control over the labours

Legitimate Background Check

Is the candidate’s experience legitimate?, Are they as good as their resume says?, Can I   perform a background check of the selected candidates? And other questions like these ones which you think it is appropriate during decision making. Well, most of the times labour hire companies to do the background check all by themselves. They provide all the necessary documentation for the assurance of authentication. However, if you want to be extra sure then yes you can also do an extensive background check.

Face to Face Interaction

Most of the times clients don’t do the face to face interaction with the candidates as they hire in bulk and interviewing all of them can be a time consuming process. But some times in rare cases while hiring a rail labourer, they want will decide to interact with the applicants  face to face before the hiring process is completed. Well if you are one among those host companies who want a face to face interaction with selected or bulk candidates then it is better to hire labor-hire companies since they can set up such types of interviews for you as well.

Dismissal or Replacement

All the candidates that you have recruited may meet your complete requirements.. However there are few with whom you are not happy- because of their work, behaviour or any appropriate reason. In this case do you have authority to replace or dismiss the candidate?. Yes you can fire such types of labors but only after consulting with labour hire companies since they are the ones that recruited such labors for your organization.


Extension of Tenure

Can you extend the tenure of the rail labourer you hired through labour hire company, if you like their work? It varies from company to company, plus the intent of the labour. If the labour is agreeable and the hiring company is okay with it then yes you can certainly extend their tenure.


If you are in contract with a reputed labour hire company to get rail laborer or any other skill set workforce then most of your stress will ease out with time. As these companies prepare a conclusive contract during the time of dealings and offer as many options as it seems suitable to the host companies. They have to look for both host company as well as laborer rights.

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