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Hot Trends in Home Building

Last Updated on August 29, 2021 by Admin

Have you been on a new homes tour lately? If not, then you’ll probably be surprised at what’s hot and what’s not in the residential building industry these days. Of course, many homes feature cycle in and out of popularity through the years, swimming pools being perhaps the best example of that phenomenon.

However, a handful of current developments appear first, like huge laundry rooms, electric vehicle charging stations, and solar-friendly roofs. Here’s a quick roundup of what’s going on in the industry.

Bigger Laundry Rooms

Even small homes now feature laundry rooms that are nearly large enough to turn into second bedrooms. Gone are the days of the tiny, closet-sized areas that crammed a washer and dryer and a sink (if you were lucky) into a forgotten corner of a residential home.

Today’s laundry rooms feature not only all the main appliances, roomy sinks, and built-in ironing boards, but comfortable seating, ample counter space for folding, and windows with a view.

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Charging Stations for Gasoline-Electric Vehicles

With the popularity of fully electric and plug-in gasoline-electric vehicles on the rise, many new homes are arriving on the market with built-in charging stations for PHEVs (plug-in hybrid-electric vehicles as well as pure electric cars.

Those who own cars like the Chevy Volt, for example, often wonder how to keep fuel fresh when they use so little gasoline. Fortunately, you can review an article that discusses how long gasoline lasts in a car engine.

That way, if you own a PHEV that you charge at home every evening, you’ll know when to either dispose of the gasoline or cue the engine to burn it off automatically, as the Volt does.

Two-Car Garages Make a Comeback

Large and small garages are among the cyclical trends in residential buildings. Right now, two-car spaces are a staple of new private homes, but their design is decidedly different than before.

What’s new is that architects have discovered that people actually want large garages not for parking cars but for doing DIY projects, storing all sorts of stuff, and serving, in a pinch, as guest bedrooms.

Walk-In Closets Are the New Must

The walk-in master bedroom closet is not new, but it’s trending back into the lineup with a vengeance. Homebuyers, both first-time and others, are putting listing walk-in closets as a must on their shopping lists more often than ever.

Real estate agents are often hard-pressed to sell homes that don’t have them and often advise owners to add one if they want their houses to sell faster.

Solar-Friendly Roofs

Once upon a time, 20 years ago, homeowners everywhere rushed to place solar panels on their roofs to cut energy bills and take advantage of free solar power. Then, many realized that when roofs become excessively hot during the summer months, those old-style cells don’t hold up so well.

Not only does high heat age the panels at a rapid rate, but it interferes with their efficiency. Modern roofs are designed to avoid this problem by using special materials that reduce heat buildup on rooftops.

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