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Best Times In The Year To Rent A Car In Dubai

Best Times In The Year To Rent A Car In Dubai

Last Updated on August 20, 2020 by Admin

Everyone knows that Dubai is the land of elites. It is the desire of at least one-third of the world’s population to visit the city. This city is one of the top tourist destinations for numerous reasons. Is it the skyscrapers, iconic sites, tourist attractions, Dubai is considered the center for tourist attention.

To rent a car in Dubai as a tourist is certainly the best ideal option compared to using public transport whether it is on a short term or long term basis. Oftentimes, we desire what is cheap, affordable, or worth it without probably considering other factors.

Most tourists are plagued with the question “when exactly is the right time to rent a car in Dubai?” Do they do it days before they embark on their trip or months before that or when they eventually arrive in the city? As a visitor in the city, it is evidently important to know when the city is busiest or less busy.

That is the peak and low season in the city. Though the prices on rental cars look flat, times and seasons tend to have a major say when it comes to a tourist who wants to rent a car in the city. It is majorly advised that a tourist consider the time of the year he wishes to take his trip to the popular emirate city.

Dubai Seasons 

There are basically two seasons/periods to consider when thinking about visiting the city and in the process of renting a car. Because renting a car is a function of visiting the city.

i. High Season: This is that time of the year characterized with cool breeze and that near perfect weather. It usually begins in November and ends in March. The temperature during this period is between 24°C – 30°C. Dubai winter usually starts during this time and it features a very pleasant and favorable weather condition which is suitable for any kind of outing/site seeing in a car from Cheap Rent a Car Dubai, or any sort of outdoor plan one might have.

To put an icing on the cake, the much loved and anticipated Dubai shopping festival holds during this period precisely January and It is during this time that one gets to buy anything he pleases, sellers get to make a lot during this time because there’s that influx of people who wish to buy one thing or the other.

One would enjoy discounted prices for as much as 75%, on about every item one can think of including electronics, jewelry, fashion, and a whole lot more. And in February, one has Valentine’s Day and Dubai’s Jazz festival.

Even though one is likely to enjoy favorable temperatures throughout the winter months, visiting from December through February is the peak of high season, when lines tend to be very long and the crowds are often thick because the city becomes crowded with a lot of people from far and wide thus making it difficult to use public transport and car rental Dubai becomes an option. 

ii. Low Season: It begins immediately after the peak season i.e April and ends October. The low season actually means the number of tourists in the city is literally on the low. This is so because there is a very high rise in the city’s temperature.

The summer season begins and this features high summer sun which brings so much heat making it very difficult to explore the outdoors which is why it is preferable to carry out indoor activities at this time because nearly all indoor sites or places are equipped to handle this rise in temperature.

The best time to rent a car in Dubai

The best time to visit the city is during the cooler month which already discussed is from November to March. It is the best time of the year to make the most of your Dubai vacation. Tourism is seen to be at its peak as the city experiences cool weather, gentle winds, and influx of people.

For those who love the perfect combination of lesser crowds and nice weather, the best time for that outdoor plan to be executed in Dubai is between mid-November and early December, and again during the first half of March which of course will be in your own rental car with Car rental Dubai offering you the best deals.

With these months being the peak season, rental car rates will surely be on the rise because the rental car companies will see this as a means of capitalizing on the influx of people in the city thus hijacking the prices on car rentals even though it might not be that high as one would probably think. 

So when is the best time of the year to rent a car in Dubai? The quick answer to that is the low season. Yes, between the months of April and October. Preferably, 4-5 months before you make your trip into the city and car rental Dubai is a phone call or just a click away. 

It is during this season that one tends to get the best rental car deals with discounts. This is so because the number of tourists in the city is way small compared to the high or peak season and most of the months in this season feature Muslim festivals which do not really call for site seeing or much of outing.

So, comparing the daily prices of car rentals between low and high seasons in Dubai can be seen below for some car classes. (The figures below are estimated figures) 

– Economy Cars: High Season – (AED 90 to AED 230), Low Season – (AED 75 to AED 200)

– Compact Cars: High Season – (AED170toAED300), Low Season–(AED 150 to AED270)

– Luxury SUVs: High Season – (AED210toAED2500), Low Season–(AED 200 to AED2200)

It is clear enough that car rental prices in Dubai don’t change that much because of the high and low season. The city gets tourists all year round even in summer when the temperature is very unbearable but then again it is always advisable to book with car rental Dubai at least 4 months before you leave your home country.

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