Women Working in Construction: A Perfect Match
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Women Working in Construction: A Perfect Match

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When you think of the construction industry you tend to think about men in hard hats and hi-vis vests. Our preconceived notions of construction workers don’t tend to make room for female construction workers, however, as the construction industry booms so too do its capacity for inclusion meaning more women are entering the construction industry.


Here are four reasons why the construction industry can be a great fit for women.

The Industry Is Booming

The construction industry is absolutely booming and it’s set to continue growing over the coming years. The government is constantly looking to invest in infrastructure all over Australia, which means that people employed in the industry will enjoy job security as demand grows for their work. How crucial is construction in Australia? The construction sector makes up  8% of Australia’s GDP!


Strength In Numbers

As we know, there’s strength in numbers, and we definitely need more women in construction, but if you join the industry you’ll be part of a new wave of women joining the ranks.

Kristine Scheul, the Chairperson for the National Association of Women in Construction, believes that once the levels of women in the construction workplace reach 33% female representation you’ll start to see meaningful change across the industry. Head here to read more about the opportunities Scheul sees for women in the industry moving forward.

Great Advancement Opportunities

Construction companies are rightly making a concerted effort to address the gender imbalance across their industries.

Many companies are making a push for gender diversity and equity and young women are being encouraged to enter the industry with the understanding that they will be looking to promote women and will be invested in their education and helping them to rise through the ranks.

This infographic features statistics from the United States but it’s safe to say that the changing attitudes and demographics shifts have been felt across the construction industry worldwide. In 2017 in North America, we saw a 15% growth in female-owned construction firms and 44% of the top 100 constructing companies had women in executive roles.

So, if you’re looking to quickly rise through the ranks and become a role model for other women in the industry – construction will offer you a whole host of amazing opportunities to advance as a managing director, a construction or project manager, or even as a C-level executive!


The Rewards Are Concrete

Yes, that’s a pun and we stand by it one-hundred percent.

There’s something quite special about working in an industry where you’ll get see a physical finished product at the end of the day. Imagine looking at the city skyline and being able to see the mark you’ve made on it. What could be more rewarding than that!

The growth in the construction industry will correspond to a growth in your bank account. You can expect long hours and high pay with overtime, penalty rates, and a strong union.

Sure, the work is hard but you’ll have consistent and well-paid shifts that will allow you to plan for your financial future. So if you’re looking to work hard so that you can play hard, then construction may be the perfect industry for you.

So, how do you begin a career in construction?

There are many ways to break into the construction industry. If you’re a laborer then you’ll probably work as an apprentice, learning on the job before you break out on your own. If you’re interested in the administrative or managerial aspects of construction then you can find a construction course through Courses.

No matter how you begin your career in construction you’re sure to be reaping the benefits and enjoying the unique highs that come from changing our physical landscapes.


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