Comparison of Fiberglass Dowels and Stainless Steel Rebars
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Why Pick Fiberglass Dowels Over Stainless Steel Rebars?

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Fiberglass dowels have become as popular, if not more than, steel in construction and engineering projects. In instances where reinforcement is necessary, the material you choose is critical. You have to ensure that the rebars used are not only durable but can take the resulting tension. For the longest time, stainless steel was the go-to material for dowels. Today, fiberglass provides a viable, and in some cases, better, alternative. Why is that? What makes fiberglass rebars worth selecting over their steel counterparts?


Corrosion Resistance

One important feature to look at when choosing rebars is how well they handle corrosion. Like most metals, steel rusts. It is one of the material’s biggest disadvantages when used for reinforcement. Steel is susceptible to different types of corrosion. Stainless steel rods suffer galvanic corrosion when they come into contact with other steel-based materials. Crevice corrosion and chloride-induced stress corrosion are some of the additional issues that users experience with stainless steel faces. Fiberglass, on the other hand, is immune to all of them. The corrosion resistance of fiberglass dowels makes glass fiber reinforcement the best choice for maritime and outdoor applications where the rods have to withstand lengthy exposure to the elements.


The upfront costs of fiberglass and steel dowels might not differ very much, depending on the supplier. However, the overall project’s cost should be a top consideration when selecting the material to pick. Fiberglass reduces maintenance expenses considerably. All the features that make the option better than steel also make it cheaper as well. Since fiberglass is corrosion-resistant, structures do not require regular repairs and rehabilitation. The corrosion of stainless dowels means that you might need to rehabilitate the structure every 5 to 10 years. After 20 years, you may need to carry out major repairs. Another fiberglass advantage is that it is easily customizable, allowing you to use it in numerous applications.


Due to its high corrosion resistance, fiberglass offers an impressive lifespan. Dowel durability affects stability. For this reason, you must get rebars that will provide optimal service for as long as required. Stainless steel is strong, but when it corrodes, it degrades and weakens. A corrosive setting and tensile stress cause stress corrosion cracking. Depending on the extent, stress cracking can be catastrophic. Fiberglass rebars, when used for reinforcement, experience less cracking than stainless steel. They also last longer. Even when the application involves heavy fatigue loads, you can count on fiberglass to last decades without giving out. The material has a high tensile strength, making it very forgiving to tension. It also bends without cracking.



Fiberglas is significantly lighter than steel. In large construction projects where workers have to move rebars from one location to another, weight is a critical factor. The heavier the material, the more work it involves. Fiberglass bars are easy to move. You can buy them in bulk and store them close to the site without problems. By reducing the duration it takes to carry and install dowels, you also decrease project costs. Additionally, the fact that it is easier to handle than steel makes fiberglass rebars safer to handle.

Whether you are in charge of a major construction project or a DIY job, the dowels you choose for reinforcement matter a great deal. Glass fiber reinforcement offers several benefits over stainless steel that make it suitable for many applications.

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