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Top Civil Engineering Companies in Houston [2024 Updated List]

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Welcome to this informative discussion about civil engineering companies in Houston, where we will explore the thriving landscape of engineering services in this bustling city. Houston, renowned for its booming industry and infrastructure development, hosts a multitude of civil engineering firms that play a crucial role in shaping the city’s growth and sustainability. In this article, we will delve into the diverse array of civil engineering companies in Houston, shedding light on their contributions, expertise, and the impact they have on the region’s urban development. Whether you are a prospective client seeking professional services or an enthusiast curious about the industry, join us in exploring the top civil engineering companies that call Houston home.


List of the Top Civil Engineering Companies in Houston

These companies represent a diverse range of expertise within the field of civil engineering and have made significant contributions to infrastructure and development projects in Houston and beyond. For more detailed information, please visit their respective websites.

Disclaimer: This list of civil engineering companies in Houston is for general informational purposes and does not constitute professional endorsements or recommendations. The details provided are based on available information and may not reflect the most current status of each company. Users should independently verify the information and consider their specific needs before making decisions based on this list.


1. Burns & McDonnell

Burns & McDonnell stands as a prominent engineering consultant in Texas, with a strong presence in Houston. Their expertise encompasses a range of services including electric transmission and distribution, global facilities, oil and gas processing plants, design-build construction, terminals and pipeline services, environmental projects, studies and permitting, and power generation. They have a strong commitment to sustainability and innovation in their projects.

Website : Burns & McDonnell

2. CobbFendley

CobbFendley, founded in 1980 in Houston, excels in providing cutting-edge engineering and surveying solutions. Their service portfolio includes information technology consulting, land development, municipal engineering, natural gas and oil pipeline design, power delivery, right-of-way acquisition, site development, structural engineering, subsurface utility engineering (SUE), surveying, telecommunications, traffic engineering, transportation, and utility engineering. They are known for their collaborative approach and commitment to community improvement.

Website : CobbFendley

3. Bleyl Engineering

Bleyl Engineering specializes in municipal engineering projects in Houston, focusing on water supply and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment, drainage, and land development projects. Their services also include boundary, topographic, and construction surveying, feasibility studies, infrastructure evaluations, and utility rate analysis. They emphasize strong relationships with clients and regulatory bodies.

Website: Bleyl Engineering


4. Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam, Inc. (LAN)

LAN is known for their comprehensive planning, engineering, and program management services. They focus on creating sustainable and innovative solutions for complex infrastructure challenges. Their expertise spans across various sectors including transportation, water resources, and urban development.

Website: Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam, Inc.

5. Jones|Carter

Jones|Carter provides a wide array of infrastructure and development solutions across several sectors such as water, transportation, and land planning. Their approach combines technical expertise with an understanding of the regulatory landscape to deliver effective solutions.

Website : Jones|Carter

6. LJA Engineering

Specializing in civil, transportation, hydrology, and environmental services, LJA Engineering offers comprehensive solutions in the engineering field. They are known for their innovative approaches to complex engineering challenges and their commitment to client satisfaction.

Website : LJA Engineering

7. KBR, Inc.

KBR, Inc. is a global provider of engineering, procurement, and construction services. They cater to a variety of projects, including large-scale infrastructure and complex industrial ventures. KBR is known for its expertise in delivering high-quality and efficient solutions.


Website : KBR, Inc.

8. Halff Associates, Inc.

Halff Associates, Inc. offers a diverse range of services in engineering, architecture, and environmental sciences. Their multi-disciplinary approach allows them to handle projects of various scales and complexities, delivering innovative and sustainable solutions.

Website : Halff Associates, Inc.

Walter P Moore

Walter P Moore is an internationally recognized company providing structural, civil, and diagnostics services. They are known for their innovative approach in solving some of the most challenging engineering problems in the construction industry, with a strong emphasis on sustainable and resilient design.

Website : Walter P Moore

Huitt-Zollars, Inc.

Huitt-Zollars offers a broad spectrum of services including architecture, engineering, and construction management. They are dedicated to providing high-quality, efficient, and innovative solutions, catering to a diverse range of projects from public works to commercial development.

Website : Huitt-Zollars, Inc.

Terracon Consultants, Inc.

Terracon is known for its services in environmental, facilities, geotechnical, and materials consulting. They provide practical solutions to complex problems in construction, leveraging their national network of expertise.

Website : Terracon Consultants, Inc.


PGAL specializes in architecture, interiors, engineering, and planning. Their work reflects a deep commitment to design excellence, innovation, and sustainability, catering to a wide range of public and private sector clients.

Website : PGAL

Freese and Nichols, Inc.

Freese and Nichols, Inc. is an engineering, architecture, and environmental science firm. They are known for their forward-thinking approach and commitment to delivering high-quality and ethical services to their clients.


Website : Freese and Nichols, Inc.

HR Green, Inc.

HR Green provides engineering, technical, and management services, focusing on public works, water, transportation, and government services. They are committed to sustainable solutions and client-focused services.

Website : HR Green, Inc.


Arup is a global firm offering services in design, engineering, and consulting for the built environment. They are renowned for their innovative and sustainable approach to solving complex challenges in the built environment.

Website : Arup

These companies represent a cross-section of the top civil engineering firms in Houston, showcasing a diverse range of specialties and expertise in the field. For further details about their specific services and projects, you can visit their respective websites.

Diamond Refractory Services

Specializes in turnarounds, welding, acid-proofing linings, coatings, furnace, heaters, and fireproofing services. They serve primarily in the oil and gas sector.

Website : Diamond Refractory Services

HVJ Associates

Offers geotechnical, environmental engineering, and construction management services. Known for their expertise in real estate and construction.

Website : HVJ Associates


An infrastructure construction company providing civil, electrical systems, inland marine, mechanical, and fabrication services.

Website : Boyer

G.R. Birdwell Construction

Focuses on earthworks, structural concrete, foundations, and industrial civil construction services.

Website : G.R. Birdwell Construction

CIVE Consulting

An upscale Design-Build firm, specializing in top-down build processes driven by value engineering.

Website : CIVE Consulting

Bortunco Boring & Tunneling

Specializes in a variety of trenchless construction techniques.

Website : Bortunco Boring & Tunneling

Terra Associates

Provides civil engineering, surveying, economical design, project management, and permitting services. Website : Terra Associates

Gorrondona Engineering Services

Specializes in geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing and inspection services. Website : Gorrondona Engineering Services


Offers civil engineering, land surveying, low-impact development, land planning, and construction phase services.

Website : EHRA

Lloyd Engineering

Specializes in designing, engineering, and construction of various port and harbor facilities.

Website : Lloyd Engineering


Provides compliance, technology, and engineering consulting solutions across multiple sectors including infrastructure and environmental health sciences.

Website : NV5

HNTB Corporation

An employee-owned infrastructure solutions firm offering services in planning, design, program management, and construction management.

Website : HNTB


Renowned for architecture, engineering, geospatial, and strategic consulting services. They focus on public, private, and government clients worldwide.

Website : Woolpert

KCI Technologies, Inc.

A 100-percent employee-owned firm offering engineering, consulting, and construction services in various sectors including transportation and environmental.

Website : KCI Technologies, Inc.

POWER Engineers

A global consulting engineering firm specializing in integrated solutions for energy, food and beverage, facilities, communications, environmental, and federal markets.

Website : POWER Engineers

Final Reflections

If you’re looking for civil engineering companies in Houston, you’ll find a thriving industry filled with top-notch firms offering a wide range of services. Houston, Texas, is home to some of the best civil engineering companies in the United States. These companies play a vital role in the city’s infrastructure development, ensuring that projects are executed efficiently and to the highest standards.

In addition to civil engineering, the city is also a hub for construction companies in Houston, TX. These construction companies in Houston, Texas, are known for their expertise in various construction projects, including residential, commercial, and industrial developments. They are essential contributors to the city’s growth and expansion.

When it comes to the oil and gas industry, you’ll find numerous oil and gas engineering companies in Houston. These firms specialize in providing engineering solutions tailored to the unique demands of the energy sector, making them pivotal players in the region’s economy.

If you’re searching for job opportunities, construction companies in Houston, TX, hiring is a common occurrence, given the continuous growth and demand for skilled professionals in the field. The construction companies in the Houston area are often on the lookout for talented individuals to join their teams.

For those looking for the best civil engineering companies in Houston, you’ll discover a competitive landscape with top civil engineering firms in Houston continuously striving for excellence. These companies are known for their innovative approaches and commitment to delivering high-quality results.

Moreover, if you expand your search beyond Houston, there are numerous civil engineering companies in Texas offering their services throughout the state. These local engineering companies near Houston ensure that infrastructure and development needs are met beyond the city’s boundaries.

Whether you’re interested in companies based in Houston or top engineering firms in Houston, you’ll find a diverse selection of options to explore. The top civil engineering firms in Texas and the USA often have a significant presence in Houston, making it a prime location for professionals in the field.

In summary, Houston, Texas, boasts a robust industry of civil engineering and construction companies, with numerous opportunities for both job seekers and clients looking for top-notch services. Whether you need local solutions or are interested in the top civil engineering companies in the USA, Houston has it all.

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Is there a high demand for civil engineers in Texas?

Yes, Texas, including Houston, consistently demonstrates a strong demand for civil engineers, largely due to ongoing infrastructure projects and a robust construction sector.

Which company ranks as the top employer for civil engineers?

Identifying the “best” company for civil engineers depends on individual career goals, specialization, and desired company culture. Large firms often offer a wide range of projects, while smaller firms may provide more specialized opportunities.

Who is the leading civil engineering firm in the United States?

The largest civil engineering companies in the U.S. are recognized for their extensive projects and workforce. These include firms like Bechtel, AECOM, and Jacobs, known for their significant contributions to infrastructure and development projects nationwide.

What are the emerging trends in civil engineering in Houston?

Emerging trends in Houston’s civil engineering sector include a focus on sustainable design, smart city technologies, and resilience in infrastructure to address climate change impacts.

How does Houston’s civil engineering landscape compare with other major cities in the U.S.?

Houston’s civil engineering landscape is characterized by its focus on energy-related infrastructure, given its status as an energy hub, along with significant investments in urban development and transportation.

What are the key skills needed for a civil engineer to succeed in Houston’s market?

Essential skills for civil engineers in Houston include technical proficiency, a strong understanding of energy infrastructure, adaptability to innovative technologies, and the ability to work on large-scale, interdisciplinary projects.

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