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10 Best BIM Companies 2024 in USA Updated List

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BIM stands for Building Information Modeling, an advanced process that assists the AEC industry in planning, designing, constructing, and managing throughout the entire lifecycle of a construction project. This process starts with the creation of an intelligent 3D model that enables document management, coordination, and simulation.


The five pillars of BIM are Information, Technology, People, Processes, and Policies. The combination of these elements forms intelligent modeling and it enforces effectiveness through all the stages of a project. In this article, we’ve listed the top 10 BIM Companies of 2024.

Why is BIM important? 

With the world population increasing rapidly, the AEC industry needs to be smart enough to find new, smart, and more efficient ways to design and build. Globalization has also played a part, resulting in infrastructure becoming more complex, technologically advanced, and dynamic. To keep up with the global demand, but also play an active part in creating spaces that are smarter and more resilient as well, the industry must adjust and innovate.

In this scenario, BIM is a key asset: it helps design, plan, coordinate, and construct data that is precise and accurate. BIM creates a single ‘source-of-truth’, multi-purpose, and collaborative editable dataset that can be used across teams, and will follow a building throughout its lifespan.


But what does it mean? That BIM helps increase productivity, minimize waste, and optimize resource utilization. These are the main reasons why BIM mandates are increasing across the world.

Top 10 BIM Companies

To select the best BIM Companies serving the US market, these have been the main aspects considered to build this ranking:

  • Consistency in the quality of the deliverables,
  • Reliability,
  • Client perception of added value the firm brings to the table,
  • Overall client satisfaction.

We have also categorized the companies in those that are purely on the production side (BIM authoring services) vs those that come from the Software Reselling & Consulting world, whose forte is rather on services such as implementation and training, but are also penetrating the BIM production world.

Without further ado, here is the list of the 10 top and the best BIM Companies 2024 in the AEC industry in the United States;

1. ENG

Founded in 2007, ENG is a BIM company that specializes in hands-on production BIM services. Its main BIM services by volume are MEP Modeling for Coordination & Prefabrication, VDC/BIM Management, Laser Scanning, and Scan to BIM. 


With more than 350 people, ENG is the largest and most experienced BIM services provider in the United States. ENG’s goal is to help contractors design and build more efficiently by working closely with the shop and the field. 

2. BIM Designs Inc.

Founded in San Francisco in 2016, also fall under the production BIM companies’ category. Their main objective is to help contractors and engineering firms expand their BIM Modeling, MEPF Detailing, and Engineering capacities.

They are very specialized in assisting MEP VDC teams to complete more projects and scale productivity through staff augmentation and turnkey design solutions. BIM Designs is a Union-signatory firm with more than 90% of its personnel based domestically.

3. Applied Software

Applied Software is an Autodesk Platinum Partner, a software reseller mostly known for its Training and Support Services and its own productivity tools especially on the MEP side along with their well-known MEP Fabrication Database solutions. They want to bridge the gap between workflows with a holistic and strategic approach to design software, integrations, training, mentoring, and problem resolution.

ASTI also offers VDC Management services and Computational Design and consulting to help AEC companies automate workflows.

With about 170 employees, they fall in the large size within its category.

4. Multivista

Multivista, now owned by Hexagon (the engineering software Giant), specializes in Laser Scanning, scanning to BIM, and 360 Photo/Construction Progress Documentation mainly. Multivista is also on the production side but rather focused on the reality capture side of it while not Pre-Construction BIM services.


They have local support teams in over 80 global markets that can capture projects of any size and complexity.

Multivista owns its own visual construction platform that integrates with the main Project Management platforms of the market such as Procore, Aconex, eBuilder, PlanGrid, etc. And that is how they deliver their 360º photo documentation.  Multivista has more than 300 employees worldwide.

5. Sanveo

Sanveo is another construction technology firm that specialized in Electrical BIM/VDC services as well as Electrical Engineering services. Sanveo also offers Laser Scanning and Innovation Consulting. So, it’s mostly on the BIM hands-on “production” side.

With 120+ people in staff approximately 50% domestic, Sanveo falls in the middle range when it comes to size.

6. Axis Virtual Construction

Axis has built a strong reputation and client satisfaction by delivering Steel Detailing Services leveraging Tekla software.

All of its employees are U.S.-based and count on the experience and expertise to tackle the most varied and challenging structural steel projects.

7. Microdesk

Microdesk was founded as an Autodesk Reseller to assist Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Owner/Operators, and GIS firms with improving workflows and integrating project delivery technologies. So, they fall under the BIM Software Resellers, which started with Implementation and Training but expanded into services such as BIM for Owners and Asset Management, creating some of their own tools such as ModelStream®, and helping AEC firms to successfully integrate BIM technology throughout the entire project lifecycle.

With over 300 Microdesk is the largest in its category.


US CAD is also an Autodesk Platinum Partner, that has built its reputation as a software reseller focused on training and implementation services. US CAD has also ventured into BIM production services a few years back not only performing some of these services with a small internal team but also representing and leveraging offshore BIM production partners.

With more than 2 decades of history, US CAD has built itself a name in the industry, especially on the West Coast while serving clients across the country with 15 offices in major metropolitan cities. With a little over 130 employees, they are also one of the largest Autodesk Resellers.

9. TrueScan

TrueScan is laser-focused in Laser Scanning and Scan to BIM. They have a wide range of experience, from large, complex structures like hospitals and industrial buildings to smaller retail sites. Also, the company performs 3D Laser Scanning nationally and at many international sites.

TrueScan is part of a larger Engineering firm with 25 years of experience. They count on licensed Surveyors and Drone pilots.


10. Viatechnik

Headquartered in Chicago VIATechnik positions itself as a digital transformation firm. They offer a variety of BIM production as well as consulting services ranging from BIM, Virtual Design and Construction, and Software Development services to owners, architects, engineers, and contractors.

Viatechnik has about 150 employees approximately, and 30% of Domestic falls in the middle of its category in terms of size.

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How big is the US BIM market?

The building information modeling (BIM) market is projected to reach USD 10.7 billion by 2026, It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.5% during the forecast period.

What is the AEC industry?

The architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry consist of architects, engineers, and contractors who work together to make a project successful. Rising trends in advanced technologies have led to the adoption of innovative approaches in the working standards within the construction industry. BIM is one approach that provides benefits such as visualization and collaboration, the synchronization of design and construction planning, conflict detection, and cost reduction.

What is BIM in construction?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a process that uses computer-aided design (CAD) and other tools to create a digital model of a building or construction project. The model can plan, manage, and execute the project.

What are the top BIM Companies in US Market?

ENG, BIM Design Inc., Applied software, Multivista, and Sanveo are some of the best BIM Companies serving the US market.

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