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Scissor Lift or articulating lift – Which One Do I Need?

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There are a number of things to take into account when purchasing a new lift for your workplace or next project. It is important to think carefully about the tasks you perform and the functions your aerial lift will need to perform before selecting the appropriate model for your needs. Boom lifts and scissor lifts are two of the most widely used aerial lifts.


Does renting a boom lift or a scissor lift make sense? We’ll go over each of their advantages today to help you choose wisely for your future undertakings.

What is an Articulating Boom Lift?

Aerial devices called articulating boom lifts are used to reach places that are challenging to get to. The majority of models have a 360-degree rotating base that allows for 360-degree swiveling. But their segmented boom sections and joint arms are what really distinguish them.


Because the arms of articulating boom lifts may shrink and turn to fit into small spaces, they can be used indoors. They can be used indoors and have emission-free, silent electric engines available, or they can have diesel engines for outdoor use.

What is a Scissor Lift?

The lifts are raised and lowered using a sequence of collapsible support beams. When folded, a scissor lift forms an X-shaped pattern. As it rises, it grows and resembles scissor blades. There are those who compare their look to an accordion. Scissor lifts are one-way only machines, unlike boom lifts, but they can move in multiple directions. As a result, they can support a greater weight and are typically larger.

You will receive a top-notch scissor lift rental from Blanchard leasing Services that can perform all of your needs, including preserving mobility even in the raised position.

Five aspects to think about when deciding between articulating boom lift and scissor lift:

When choosing between renting a boom lift or a scissor lift, take a moment to evaluate all of your needs. We advise considering the following five factors when deciding which aerial lift to use:


Scissor lifts are ideal for tasks requiring only up-and-down movement because they have simpler motion characteristics. For tasks like siding setup and window cleaning, these lifts are quite useful. An articulating lift is probably the best option if you require more accessible movement to enter areas that are more difficult to reach or if you need to move left, right, up, and down.


Generally speaking, articulating boom lifts have a greater ceiling than scissor lifts. Because of this, scissor lifts are more useful inside structures or small storage facilities, whereas boom lifts are better suited for reaching billboards and roofs. Blanchard Rental Services offers scissor lifts for rent with a maximum length of 43 feet. In the meantime, our telescopic boom lift rentals soar to a height of 135 feet, and our articulating boom lift leases are capable of reaching as high as 80 feet.


An articulating boom lift is typically more costly than scissor lifts because they can reach higher elevations and are typically more intricate devices. You may be able to out with hiring a scissor lift if you’re working on a small project and on a tight budget. However, it’s best for your health and efficiency to make the purchase of a boom lift if you’re going to be using your lift for a big project that necessitates employees to get high up in difficult locations.


Scissor lifts are usually a better option for indoor projects, such as those in manufacturing facilities and warehouses. Boom lifts are more useful and more secure outside because they are typically larger and have an infinite amount of motion.

In addition, you should examine the building itself if you’re working indoors. Do the doors allow your scissor lift to get into comfortably? Are there any height or weight limitations to take into account? Similar questions can be asked of yourself now to help you save both time and cash later.

Benefits of High Lift Rentals:

If you’ve never used a lift before, you might be unsure if purchasing one is necessary. The response is unquestionably no! There are a number of explanations why renting is frequently a better choice, including:

  • Cost-effectiveness:
    Renting a height lift is probably more cost-effective than purchasing one outright, particularly for businesses that don’t anticipate using it frequently.
  • Upkeep:
    You purchase an articulating boom lift with the understanding that you will be responsible for all future maintenance costs. We at Blanchard Rental Services will handle any issues that come up so you can continue to concentrate on the work you’re currently doing.
  • Storage:
    Because boom and scissor lifts are large pieces of equipment, some businesses might never have enough room to keep one on hand. Furthermore, keeping it in the wrong place can cause early rust and other technical problems that could render it dangerous to use.


When deciding among a scissor raise and an articulating growth elevate, keep in mind your unique needs. Scissor lifts are best for sincere vertical tasks, whilst boom lifts provide more versatile movement. Consider elements like peak necessities, price range, region (indoor or outdoor), and the frequency of use. Renting can be a fee-powerful alternative, sparing you upkeep and garage issues. Choose accurately based on your mission’s needs and sources.

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