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Real Estate Careers Beyond Realtors
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Real Estate Careers Beyond Realtors

Last Updated on July 26, 2022 by Admin

The field of real estate is vast, and while an agent is the primary career opportunity associated with real estate, it takes a village to keep this industry in motion. Buying and selling property is just the surface of the real estate industry. Whether you’re looking for something involving design, law, accounting, management and anything in between, you’ll be able to find something that fits your career goals within this field. Below are just a handful of career opportunities in real estate that may catch your eye or set you on the right path to finding your calling.

Structural Engineer

Description: While this career falls on the outskirts of real estate, it is still a significant role that works alongside real estate. Structural engineering is a specialty within civil engineering. They are responsible for creating drawings and measurements, writing reports and evaluations, and observing construction sites. Bridges, dams, and electrical towers are just a few examples of essential structures that require a structural engineer to determine the weight, unique materials, and resistance needed to build.

Average Salary: $96,000 per year

Property Manager

Description: Many people invest in real estate to rent out to tenants and look to a property manager such as Utopia Management to handle the day-to-day responsibilities. A property manager serves as the liaison between property owner and tenants inhabiting the property. Responsibilities include collecting rent, handling maintenance and repair requests, advertising vacancies, screening potential tenants, drafting lease agreements, and so on. A property manager’s role is to ensure the financial and physical stability of a real estate property.

Average Salary: $54,000 per year

Property Developer

Description: Property developers, in short, are responsible for the creation of new real estate projects. They conceptualize, organize and carry out the construction of buildings and properties for both private and commercial use. As a property developer, you are responsible for seeking out a location, fund sourcing, permits, construction, repairs and renovations, and even leasing. You will be working alongside architects, engineers, contractors, and real estate agents through all of these responsibilities.

Average Salary: $85,000 per year

Mortgage Loan Officer

Description: A mortgage loan officer serve a vital function in real estate. These officers are licensed representatives of an institutional bank, mortgage broker, or mortgage bank who assist buyers in applying for a loan. Also referred to as mortgage loan originators, their main goal is to set buyers up with a mortgage at the best rate that matches their financial portfolio.

Average Salary: $152,000 per year

Real Estate Broker

Description: If you’re looking to expand beyond real estate as an agent, this may be the position for you. Real estate agents sign with brokerages, and as a broker, you can work independently or start a brokerage. In addition to the responsibilities that an agent holds, brokers are also responsible in making sure that each real estate transaction follows the laws both federal and state.

Average Salary: Upwards of $72,000  per year

Real Estate Attorney

Description: If ever there is an issue regarding title, documentation, transfers or any other real estate legalities, it is the attorney’s duty to step in and settle the dispute. A real estate attorney can also offer guidance and reassurance to clients during the transaction of property. One of the most important responsibilities of a real estate attorney is drafting legal contracts for buyers and sellers of both residential and commercial properties.

Average Salary: Upwards of $95,000 per year

Home Inspector

Description: Inspections are a critical aspect in the real estate industry and transaction of a property. It is a real estate inspector’s responsibility to examine each property in search of any defects or concerns that might affect the buyer, seller or agent in a sale.

Average Salary: $38,000 per year

Real Estate Consultant

Description: Another route often taken by previous real estate agents is to become a consultant. Real estate consultants often work alongside developers to provide professional advice and guidance to investors looking to purchase property. Part of their responsibilities are to study trends in the market and remain on top of the financial status of commercial and residential properties while looking out for new investment opportunities that might deliver the highest rate of return to their client.

Average Salary: Upwards of $78,000

A career in the real estate industry can be rewarding in more ways than the impressive benefits and salaries that come with so many of the careers mentioned above. Involvement in any one career in real estate can also open up new opportunities that allow you to evolve with the industry.

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