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Steps to Take After a Construction Site Injury

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An accident on a construction site can be a very scary situation to find yourself in, and in some cases, it may even lead to severe injury to yourself. Construction sites are filled with hazards and can sometimes be quite unpredictable, putting everybody on the site at risk.


This is why it is usually not permitted to enter a construction site unless you have been appropriately trained and are wearing the correct safety gear. However, accidents can happen to anybody no matter how experienced and careful you are. If you work on construction sites, it’s important to know what to do in the event of an accident where you are hurt or injured.

Get Medical Attention:

The first thing that you should do when you are injured on a construction site is get medical attention as soon as you can. Experts recommend that you get medical attention first before you report the accident or do anything else, since your health and wellbeing is the most important thing to think about.

Getting medical attention quickly will not only help you make a quick and full recovery from your accident, but you can also be assured that the accident is now in your medical records which can help to speed up any future claims that you make.


Report the Accident:

Once you are in a position to do so and have received any medical attention that you needed at the time, you should report the accident to the employer or the owner of the construction site as soon as possible.

If you are employed, you should do this within at least a couple of days after the accident occurred to ensure that there is no snags to getting workers’ compensation. If you were working on a construction site as a freelance or independent contractor at the time, you should still report the accident to the appropriate person as soon as possible.

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Get Legal Advice:

It’s a good idea to get the information for a construction accident attorney even when you don’t need it right now. Chances are that if you are injured on a construction site through no fault of your own, you might need some legal assistance if you are considering filing a claim.


The type of claim that you file will depend on your position on the construction site. If you are employed then you will usually be covered by workers’ compensation, but you may need to file a personal injury claim if you are working as a freelance or independent contractor on the site.

You can find both workers’ compensation attorneys and personal injury attorneys who specialize in the handling of construction accident claims. An attorney can help if you are in a situation where the claim is being disputed or if your injury has aggravated a pre-existing medical condition that you had before the accident occurred.

Working on a construction site can be dangerous at the best of times. Regardless of the measures that you take to stay safe and avoid accidents, it’s important to understand what you should do if the worst happens.

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