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Post Construction Cleaning checklist

Post-Construction Cleaning Guide To Make Your New House Sparkle

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Everyone dreams of a big house but only a few can make their dreams come true So, here is big applause for you! You must be feeling lucky for completing the construction work of your new house. But don’t worry about the resulting mess. It’s true that you won’t be able to avoid dust and filth no matter how cautious and meticulous the workers are. It’s not just any dust or grime, though.

You should know the side effects of debris on your health. Furthermore, drywall and brick dust might harm your recently renovated property. As a result, once the construction is over, you will want professional cleaning services.

Post-construction cleaning may be tedious and time-consuming. You’ll be dealing with a different kind of dirt than you’d find in your usual house cleaning. To make this job done, you will require the appropriate equipment and resources.

Most people hire reputable organisations for post-construction cleaning. But, you can do it yourself in order to cut the cost. All you need is the set of cleaning tools and gadgets that professionals use for this type of clean-up.

A construction cleaning checklist will also save your time and give you direction and proper guidelines on how to carry out cleaning tasks yourself.

We’re here to guide you on how to complete this process quickly and efficiently so you can relish a cup of coffee in a clean house.

Post-Construction Cleaning Steps

1. Rough Cleaning

The first phase begins when all of the essential electrical, piping, and construction has been completed. Right after the completion of construction, the first phase of cleaning begins. This type of cleaning includes the disposal of garbage, residual substances, and other items.  Following that, sweeping or vacuuming will be done.

2. Deep Cleaning

This is the most labor-intensive step of the post-construction cleaning process, and it necessitates a large set of cleaning tools and types of equipment. Rooms that serve a specific purpose, such as toilets and kitchens, are being given special attention. In this phase, sinks, toilets, windows, and cabinets are just a few of the installed components that are completely cleaned.

3. Final Cleaning

Touchup cleaning is the last phase of cleaning in a newly constructed house. This occurs a few days after the second step, because dust and grime may still accumulate; as a result, the cleaning staff will have more time to focus on the final dust removal.

This step takes less time than typical because the common items that are being cleaned at this stage are stains, scratches, and other defects from the regions that have been cleaned in previous rounds.

Essential Tools For Post‐Construction Cleaning

When it comes to post-construction cleaning, utilising the incorrect equipment leaves the potential for error. Using the right equipment and a construction cleaning checklist will make overcoming any barriers much simpler. Take a bird’s eye view of things that you’ve to consider for post-construction cleaning.

1. Protective Gadgets

Primarily, you should use protective gadgets to keep yourself away from dust and debris that can be harmful to your health. Many people overlook it because they do not believe it is vital. The reality is that there are a variety of health threats before and after construction, and carrying safety equipment protects you from the most prevalent threats.

Almost all types of construction activity produce pollutants and dust particles that can be inhaled, as well as heavy items that can fall from higher levels and harsh cleaning chemicals. The protective gadgets include heavy gloves, hard hats, goggles, face masks, and Respirators.

2. General Cleaners

Because you’ll be working with a variety of surfaces, you’ll need to buy the right cleansers to get the job done well and prevent harming diverse materials. These are the cleaning supplies you’ll need:

  • Glass-cleaning products
  • Multipurpose cleaners
  • Sanitizers and disinfectants
  • Oily soaps for wood furniture
  • Cleaning equipment and supplies for floors and carpets
  • Sweeping is done to eliminate bigger material, followed by vacuuming to remove any leftover dirt and dust. You’ll need a broom, scrub brushes, and vacuum cleaner to clean the debris.

3. Carpet Cleaners

If your carpets are really filthy, start with a pretreatment product, then a stain remover if there are any persistent spots. If your carpets aren’t too filthy, you may use a detergent or shampoo for cleaning.  just ensure that it’s the suitable one for the type of fabric in your carpet. You could want to hire carpet extractor equipment to get a more thorough cleaning.

4. Floor Cleaners

Once you complete all steps of cleaning, the last step comes to deal with the floor. You will need to prepare a soap solution to clean marble, ceramic tile floors.

Hardwood cleaning products for wooden floors. Wood polish

Last Note!

Cleaning after construction requires a thorough cleaning from top to bottom. Handling hard-core, cleaning-resistant compounds that construction workers commonly employ generally need specific equipment. Furthermore, it needs a sharp eye capable of detecting all of the frequently overlooked locations. As a result, if you’ve been considering taking on this project on your own, arrange these tools and check the construction cleaning checklist to make the cleaning process easier.

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