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carpet type for stairs and hallways

What is the best carpet type for stairs and hallways?

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Choosing the right carpet type for your stairs and hallways can be challenging. You don’t only want to make sure that the material and design work with the rest of your interior, but also that the chosen carpet type is practical and will last.

No matter what type of hallway or stairs you’ll be carpeting, this guide will give you the needed information that will help you to learn how to fit a carpet into your home.

What’s the best carpet for stairs and hallways?

Luckily, today’s carpets are made from sturdier and more resilient materials which make the durability of the carpet much longer.

When choosing a carpet for your staircase and/or hallway, the two most popular options are low-pile and carpet fiber.

The texture of both materials can resist flattening which makes them a great choice. Stairs, as well as hallways, are usually the highest traffic area in a home, so it’s essential to pick fibers that have superior resiliency.

The longevity and quality of the carpet also depend on the manufacturer so it’s extremely important to choose a reliable brand such as LT Flooring that offers high-quality carpets. A great thing about the company and its products is that they’re offering a wide range of designs made from different materials to choose from.

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Other essential things to keep in mind when choosing a carpet for stairs and hallways

The best carpet is one that meets all of the important factors, so here are a few other things you should consider before buying one.

Pick a carpet that covers stains and dirt

Maybe you already saw a cream or ivory-colored carpet that would look just amazing in your home. You may love it, but you could change your mind just a few months after buying it. High foot traffic increases the likelihood that your light carpet will soon look dirty. So, if you’re looking for a lighter and brighter color option for a carpet that would perfectly fit into your home, try to select deeper neutrals, like coffee. It will save you a lot of headaches and cleaning in the long run.

Avoid picking a very thick carpet

A thinner cushion with a high-grade pan will extend the lifespan of your carpeting. Perhaps it won’t feel as bouncy and comfortable compared to a thicker one but it will hold up better and provide a stable surface. Although thick, spongy carpets look cozy and surely feel comfortable, they’re not the best choice when it comes to stairs and hallways carpeting. In this case, a thinner carpet would be a better fit for your home.

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Be careful with the warranty

Although some companies provide 10-25 year warranties be careful with what the manufacturer is actually covering. In some cases, only defects will be replaced, but the warranty won’t apply for normal tear and wear.

Maintenance of your carpet

Last but not least, the ease of its maintenance is a very important factor when it comes to making the right choice. Even if you are completely delighted with the look of a certain carpet, if buying it means that you will be devoting a great deal of your time to keeping it in its original condition, then it is probably not the best solution.

Ultimately, your carpets should serve you (and it should not be the other way around) and be a beautiful, cozy and comfortable addition to your home.

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