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Mining Mysteries: What Construction Companies Use For Excavating

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Mining used to be a profession that put food on the table for many hard-working Americans. However, the industry that remained the same for nearly a century has seen numerous changes since the 1980s. If you think about the gold rush during the mid-1800s you probably picture a prospector with a pick axe swung over his shoulder. And when you consider the coal mining boom of the early 1900s, you may find yourself thinking immediately of soot-ridden young men. But what does mining look like today you might be wondering?


Mining used to require intensive manual labor, but today, heavy machinery is used in place of hand-held equipment and pressurized air. Previously, miners had to dig a dangerous mining shaft in order to extract materials from the earth, but today, miners are able to extract over 85 percent of minerals and 98 percent of metallic ores just through surface mining techniques.

The biggest change in mining history was the introduction of electric hydraulic drilling rigs. These new rigs especially benefited workers from unsafe conditions in open and underground mines. Overall, innovation in mining technology has made the industry safer for workers and better for the surrounding environment. Plus, the sheer size and power of machinery means that mining work can be done more efficiently.

Despite all of this, heavy-machinery can be expensive, making it inaccessible for everyone. If that’s the case, many construction companies will use attachments made for the equipment they already own. For example, Rock tools Attachments work with most standard excavators and skid steers. Here are a couple of attachments that are most commonly used for mining:


 Rock saws – Tungsten Carbide rock saws do just what the name suggests — saw through rocks! The saw uses standard teeth to cut through any rocks without requiring a cool down period. Rock saws are great for not only mining but also other general excavation work, like quarrying or earthmoving.

Jaw crusher buckets – Jaw crusher buckets are helpful for processing the natural rock that is excavated from mines. The compact size means it can be attached right to the excavator tool that is picking up the natural rock.

Mining is no small undertaking, but proper planning and equipment can make the exploration process a whole lot smoother. Plus, it makes things easier on the crew, who will ultimately be more happy and productive.

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