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Mercedes-Benz converts coal power plant into energy storage system

Last Updated on June 22, 2018 by Admin

Daimler AG and its cooperation partners, the 100% subsidiary Mercedes-Benz Energy GmbH, GETEC ENERGIE AG and the technology company The Mobility House AG, have put a further innovative battery storage plant into operation.

A total of 1920 battery modules are bundled in a plant in Elverlingsen in South Westphalia to create a “live replacement parts store” for the fleet of third generation electric smarts. The stored battery modules are sufficient for at least 600 vehicles. With installed power output of 8.96 MW and energy capacity of 9.8 MWh, the battery storage plant is available to the energy market, for example for supplying primary balancing power. Its modular design enables the system to continuously and fully automatically stabilise the power grid with balancing power.

The stored battery modules are sufficient for at least 600 vehicles.

With its partners, Daimler is connecting the third large storage plant made of car battery systems to the grid. Together with the 12.8 MWh 2nd life battery storage plant that opened in Lünen in 2016 and the 17.4 MWh replacement part storage facility in Hanover, almost 40 MWh of energy will soon be on the grid. All three projects were realised without public funding.

The “live replacement parts store” based on electric car battery systems was constructed in Elverlingsen on the site of the former coal-fired power station that was built in 1912 and recently shut down. The large storage plant is therefore a symbol for the transformation in the storage and use of energy – away from fossil electricity grid supply and towards a sustainable extension of the e-mobility value chain that reduces CO2. With the replacement part storage concept The Mobility House AG, GETEC ENERGIE AG and Daimler with its subsidiaries Accumotive and Mercedes-Benz Energy are creating a new kind of win-win situation and supporting the progress of the energy turnaround.

The aim of The Mobility House is to advance the energy turnaround and to make a zero-emission future possible. The cooperation partners are working towards an electric mobility breakthrough with innovative charging and energy storage solutions. Existing and new technologies enable the integration of electric vehicles into the power grid as aggregated swarm batteries of moving electric cars or as stationary accumulators from vehicle batteries. The Mobility House was founded in 2009 and cooperates with all leading automobile manufacturers in more than 10 countries worldwide from its locations in Munich, Zurich and Sunnyvale (California).

Credits: Daimler Press Release 

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