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London City Corporation to source 100% Renewable Electricity for Square Mile

Last Updated on June 20, 2018 by Admin

The City of London Corporation, governing body of the Square Mile, has agreed plans to source 100% renewable electricity from October 2018 onwards. Members of its Policy and Resources Committee backed proposals to generate electricity on sites it owns across London, invest in off-site renewable energy and buy renewable energy already available on the market.

The plans will see an increase in solar panels on City Corporation buildings and investments in installations such as wind or solar farms.

The City Corporation is a major public services provider in the capital. It manages a wide portfolio including social housing across six London boroughs, 10 high-achieving academies, three wholesale markets and 11,000 acres of green space including Hampstead Heath and Epping Forest. It is also an investor in properties and other corporate buildings.

The proposals will contribute to the City Corporation’s energy resilience and carbon reduction, driving more UK demand for renewable energy and providing the opportunity to make long-term savings on energy costs.

Catherine McGuinness, Chairman of the City of London Corporation’s Policy and Resources Committee, said:

“Sourcing 100% renewable energy will make us cleaner and greener, reducing our grid reliance and running some of our buildings on zero carbon electricity.

“We are always looking at the environmental impact of our work and hope that we can be a beacon to other organisations to follow suit.

“By generating our own electricity and investing in renewables, we are doing our bit to help meet international and national energy targets.

“This is a big step for the City Corporation and it demonstrates our commitment to making us a more socially and environmentally responsible business.”

The City Corporation already generates renewable electricity at a number of its sites including the Parliament Hill Lido on Hampstead Heath and The Warren, Epping Forest.

Credits: City of London Corporation

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