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How Transponder Keys Have Become Imperative for Comprehensive Home-Safety

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How Transponder Keys Have Become Imperative for Comprehensive Home-Safety


Transponder keys are commonly used in automobiles because they offer great safety. According to the annual statistics provided by the United States Department of Justice, there are 2.5 million burglaries that take place in the United States each year.

Ideally, the keys include a built-in chip that serves as an additional layer of protection, ensuring that a vehicle cannot be started by a phony duplicate key or any other kind of security breach. However, that is not the only place where transponder keys are used.

Many would find it interesting that transponder keys are also used for home safety.


These days locksmiths also use transponder keys to install at various places in homes to enhance home safety.

There are four common places in homes where transponder keys are used for additional security:

#1. Entry Gates

In addition to the doors on your house, installing a gate at the entrance to your yard or driveway provides an additional layer of protection against intruders. You have more options for using the keys with the home entry with transponders.

You may use a circle key fob that incorporates transponder key technology. The gate will open as soon as your car is in range of the fob, which will communicate wirelessly with it when it detects motion.

When the transponder technology is present, the lock on smaller walk-in gates may still be opened with a traditional key. Because of the transponder, it will be impossible to open the gate using a key copy or a lock pick.

A locksmith will issue a personal serial code to the transponder chip. This code will only apply to the set of keys that you have.


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#2. Properties That Are Let Out

When you rent out rooms in your house or flats to others, you may be concerned that the tenants would duplicate the key and keep those copies even after moving out.

A regular copy of the key will not function in systems that use transponder keys.

If a person vacates a property, any duplicates of the keys they may have will no longer be usable.

Just the locks will accept the transponder keys as a valid entry. A rental property does not need you to bother updating each door lock.

If you lose your transponder keys, you should have a locksmith replace the access chip in the lock. This will ensure that the keys will never function in the lock again.

Rather than changing each lock across the whole rental property, altering the chip and access codes may save significant time and money.


#3. Safes Inside Homes

There can be certain parts of your house that you do not want other people to be able to enter. For instance, you may keep important papers or money in a safe at home. Many important possessions might also be hidden away in a bedroom closet.

The transponder key technology increases security and ensures that only you are permitted entry into the area.

You can associate a transponder access card with the location and a key. The card may be kept in your wallet or handbag, granting you instant entry to the restricted area.

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