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Is a career in construction suitable for me?

Last Updated on October 8, 2021 by Admin

The construction industry is certainly obvious when it comes to what career direction you should consider and find out more about! Below, we have designed a construction career test to know whether a career in construction suitable for you or not.


You might just know, in your heart, that a construction industry career is where you’re meant to be. If that’s not the case, then it’s important that you understand that the construction industry is so much more vast than you could ever imagine!

People involved in architecture and construction have a variety of skills and interests that contribute greatly to the table so that “something” can be built from “nothing”.

So regardless of what you enjoy doing (business, the arts, hands-on, techie, or something else entirely), there’s something for everyone in the construction industry; including you!


Your career choices affect every aspect of your life ranging from income to personal fulfillment. While construction is a massive industry, many people don’t know about the variety of different construction crafts and specializations there are.

Ready to start digging in to get the details about the different careers in the construction industry? Start here!

Before taking any decision whether Construction is a good career choice for you? There are few things you need to consider.

As most of the time, we take decisions based on someone else’s experience and under peer pressure, and people who follow others blindly failed miserably in their careers.

When you have time, make an informed decision. A career decision is one of the decisions when rushed over a suggestion that you might have trouble in your career.

We have seen people not happy and satisfied in their career and started complaining about the jobs and surroundings they work for. Also, there are situations people changed their career path after wasting their precious years in one career and shifted towards another, this is because of the wrong career decisions they had made in the past.

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When we are young, mostly driven by a profession that offers more money and a lucrative job profile.  Growing up, do you remember the joy of playing with cars? Or maybe you loved painting and drawing. As a child these might have seemed like pastimes, but little did you know it could potentially help frame your future.

Use your past as a foundation to determine what your interests are. Looking back to what sparked joy in your younger days can help you narrow down your interests to match with potential career opportunities.

When a career aligns with someone’s interests, it is easier to be motivated and devoted to setting goals and performing at higher standards.

Here, we have designed a few quizzes, you need to take before taking any firm decision to go for a construction career.

If you’re not 100% sure about taking construction as a career option and need more evidence that it might be a good fit for you then take this short simple yet effective test below to see if the career in construction is the direction you might want to consider going in.

Welcome to your Construction Career Test


  • This is a FREE online test
  • Total number of questions: 10
  • The time allowed: No time limit
  • Each question carry 1 mark, no negative marks
  • DO NOT refresh the page
  • All the best!
Are you good at Math,Physics and Chemistry?

Do You like to check out the buildings and structures around you.

1 Inch equal to how many centimetres?

Do you like working with your hands?

Do you like to draw, or create drawings, using your hands or with a computer?

Do you like decorating rooms in your home, or rearranging your own bedroom or furniture?

Do you like working outdoors regardless of the weather?

Are you willing to travel on regular basis?

Do you like working on projects as part of a group or team?

Burj Khalifa is located at _________?

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Mobile Number
Your Full Name

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