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Textbooks and Reference Books for Advanced Foundation Engineering

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The subject “Advanced Foundation Engineering” will cover various aspects of foundation engineering, including soil exploration, details of shallow and deep foundations, retaining walls. Find below the best textbooks and reference books for advanced foundation engineering subjects for your studies, exam, and job interview preparations.

The soil-foundation interaction is covered with the numerical solution techniques of beams and plates resting on the adjustable foundation bed. The behavior and design methods of foundation on reinforced earth are covered in this subject.

The advanced theories and design of various foundation components are covered logically. The earth pressure theories for designing the retaining walls are covered. The codal provisions of creating multiple types of foundations are also covered. The subject is helpful to all undergraduate and postgraduate students, teachers, and practitioners.


1. Foundation Analysis and Design- Joseph E. Bowels, TATA Mc-Grawhill

2. Design Aids in Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering-Shenbage R Kaniraj, TATA Mc-Grawhill

3. Design of Foundation Systems- Nainan P Kurian, Narosa publication house

4. Foundation Design & Construction- M.J.Tamlinson, ELBS publication

5. G. A. Leonards, Foundation Engineering, McGraw-Hill, 1962.

6. J.E. Bowles, Foundations Analysis and Design, 3rd Ed., McGraw-Hill, 1968.

7. R.B. Peck, W.E. Hanson, and T.H. Thornburn, Foundation Engineering, 2nd Edition, John Wiley and Sons, 1974. B)

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I.S .Codes

1. IS 1892-1979 Code of Practice for Subsurface Investigation for Foundation.

2. IS 2131-1981 (Reaffiemed 1997), Method for Standard Penetration Test for Soils.

3. IS 6403-1981 Code of Practice for Determination of B.C. of Shallow Foundation.

4. IS 8009 (Part-1) 1976, Code of Practice for Calculation of settlements of foundations.

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5. IS: 1904-1986, Code of Practice for Design and Construction of Foundations in Soils, general Requirements IS: 2911-1979, Code of Practice for Design and Construction of Pile Foundation.

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1. Fang, H.Y.,(1991), Foundation Engineering Handbook, Chapman & Hall, NY.

2. Teng . W.C.(1962), Foundation Design, Prentice-Hall International.


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