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The Best BIM Companies Bangalore [2023 Updated List]

The top BIM Companies in Bangalore

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Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an intelligent 3D model-based process that gives architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals the insight and tools to plan, design, construct and manage buildings and infrastructure more efficiently. Here we have tried to provide you with a list of BIM companies in Bangalore.


Top BIM Companies in Bangalore

Listed below are the best and the top BIM companies in Bangalore, BIM consultants in Bangalore, and BIM services companies in Bangalore offering various services to the AEC industry. This list also includes some of the best bim service providers in india.

1. Desapex

Desapex, help the owners define the project information requirement and create the set of contractual documents stating the information requirements in both CAPex and Opex cycle of the built environment.

Be it 3D model Checking/Auditing, Common Data Environment Setup, BIM Execution Plan Development, BIM Lab Setup, AR/VR & Digital Progress Monitoring using various hardware and software technologies like laser scanning, 360-degree photography that help in progress reporting to clients virtually, create transparency between all the stakeholders of the project.


Website: https://www.desapex.com/

2. V + S Design Partners

Specializing in BIM / VDC Processes & Technologies, V + S Design Partners’, key team members and mentors have a background & combined experience exceeding 200 years in delivering complex projects in the AEC sector for several fortune 500 clients in the USA, Middle East & in India.

Provide BIM consulting, BIM services, Management & engineering consultancy services, and BIM workshare solutions for building owners, architectural & engineering consultancy firms, general contractors / specific trades contractors, and product manufacturers.

Website: https://www.vs-dp.com/

3. Innowellgroup

A diverse range of segments include Office Buildings, Data Centers, Hospitals, Hotels, Electronic Industries, Clean Rooms, Tyre Industries, Paper Plants, Textiles & Garments Factories,
Food industries and Residential buildings.

Website: http://innowellgroup.com/


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Established in Oman in 2012, DGEC has evolved into a multi-disciplinary consultancy operating worldwide.

DGEC operates in Oman, India, UAE, East Africa, and the USA. We have taken our knowledge and award-winning engineering expertise to each market and tailored it to suit individual local needs.

Website: https://www.dgcon.com/

5. TreisTek

TreisTek is India’s leading Bim services company, providing Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Design services.

Website: https://www.treistek.com/bim-services

6. Studio Parametric

Studio PARAMETRIC is a full serviceBIM consulting firm specializing in integrating BIM services for the USA, UK & Australia for engineering and Architecture firms. Established in 2010, operating from Bangalore, India


Website: http://studioparametric.com/

7. Sundaram Architects Pvt. Ltd.

Sundaram Architects Pvt. Ltd. is one of India’s most reputed and prominent multi-faceted Architectural, Interiors, and Engineering consultancy firms.

The firm was initially established in 1963 as Karekar and Sundaram and was re-constituted in 1988 as Sundaram Architects Pvt Ltd (SAPL). R. Sundaram, Chairman and Managing director of SAPL, is a pioneer responsible for creating several architectural and engineering landmarks.

Website: https://www.sundaramarchitects.com/

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8. COSMERE Technologies

Provide BIM, Digitization, and CGI service. The team leverages software tools and domain knowledge to provide services that are of actual value. They believe infrastructure digitization is the way forward with digital construction, mapping, and measurement. As outlined in our tagline, “ Building Intelligence.”

Website: http://www.cosmeretech.com/

9. Skytree – Kokudokoei consulting Engineers

Skytree – Kokudokoei consulting Engineers is an Engineering consultancy company formed by a team of highly competent engineering professionals in strong collaboration with Japanese well proved 42 years old civil engineering consultancy.

The team at Skytree-Kokudokoei is capable of designing projects of all types in different countries. It has already proved itself in Japan, India, the USA, the Philippines, the Middle East, and the UK.

Website: http://www.skytreeconsulting.com/


People lead GREENBROOK ENGINEERING with an educational background in science, technology, engineering, and management. The company’s founders established a solid foundation to help the company grow and become one of the best service providers in the engineering industry.

Website: https://greenbrookengineering.com/


11. GeoCentroid Private limited

GeoCentroid Private limited, a consulting firm, offers complete and comprehensive Geospatial, Engineering, and BIM-related Services for the Infrastructure, GIS, Civil (AEC), Urban planning, Utility, Geomatics, and Oil and Gas industries.

Website: https://www.geocentroid.com/

12. TRITECH Building Engineering

TRITECH Building Engineering is a Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Engineering Consultants established in 1995. The design team comprises experienced, motivated, and competent individuals able to handle all complexities related to Engineering Services.

Associate with a few International experts for specific client requirements.  have the ability to undertake the most challenging of assignments, and have proven capability to develop Software tools for all in-house needs.

The packages developed are helpful for Lighting, Electrical Distribution, Water Supply, HVAC, and Fire Fighting Design. Our USP can quickly build software tools for any Design application, reducing Design errors, Design cycle time and producing a perfectly engineered solution.

Website: http://www.tritechengineering.com/

13. TurnBIM

TurnBIM engineering Services is situated in Bengaluru (formerly Bangalore), the Silicon Valley of India.

With a team of experienced Project Managers, Structural Engineers, Technical Modelers, Detailers, and Checkers, TurnBIM offers a wide range of services, including BIM Services, Design & Detail Engineering Services, and Steel Detailing,  Connection Design, Rebar Detailing, and Precast Detailing Services mainly using Tekla Structures.

Website: https://turnbim.com/

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14. Hexapent Engineering Services

Hexapent Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore. Our BIM teams create a virtual design model of the building facilities and architectural, structural, and. Expertise in BIM Consulting Services. They help construction firms to transform their projects into a BIM environment and empower site managers for risk.

Website: https://hexapents.com/


The Best BIM companies Bangalore list includes some of the best BIM companies in India. This list was created to help people looking for a company that offers services such as 3D building design, 3D architectural design, BIM consulting, and more.

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