Architectural Planning and Design of Buildings

Best Books on Architectural Planning and Design of Buildings

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Architectural Planning books are a great resource for anyone in the architectural field. Whether you’re currently an architect or someone who is interested in doing architectural work, these resources will help you prepare for your next project. These resources can teach about everything from design basics to engineering and construction details. Find below the Best Books on Architectural Planning and Design of Buildings.


The design of buildings is a specialized area of architectural and engineering design. The main objective is to create an environment that will be functional and satisfying for the target market. Engineers and architects specialize in these design aspects such as acoustics, fire safety, sustainability, lighting, and even traffic flow.

Textbooks and Reference Books on Architectural Planning and Design of Buildings


  1. Building Drawings with an integrated Approach to Built-Environment by M. G. Shah, C. M. Kale and S. Y. Patki, New Delhi, Tata McGraw Hill. (5th edition.)
  2. Building science and planning by Dr. S. V. Deodhar, Khanna Publishers.
  3. Building Services Engineering by David V. Chadderton, sixth edition, London & New York.
  4. Drawing for Civil Engineering by Jan A. Van Der Westhuizen

Reference books

  1. National Building Code (latest).
  2. Building Design and construction by Frederick Merrit, Tata McGraw Hill.
  3. Times Saver standards of Architectural Design Data by Callender, Tata McGaw Hill.
  4. I.S. 962 – 1989 Code for Practice for Architectural and Building Drawings.
  5. Development plan and DCP Rules of urban local body, New Delhi, Volume 12.
  6. Model building bye laws by MoUD, GoI.

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Planning and design is a major consideration in any construction project, but architects are often different in their style. The type of architecture that is selected for the project will depend on the site, culture, environmental concerns, budget, etc.

Architectural Planning books are a type of architectural drawing that is used to illustrate the design of the building. They are an important part of the architectural process because they provide clients with an idea of what their building will look like before it’s even completed. A drawing is created by architects and designers to show all aspects of the building, including floor plans, elevations, sections, and details.


Architectural Planning and Design of Buildings books are a great way to study new ideas from professionals in the field. Architects, engineers, and contractors have been publishing books on the subject of architectural planning for decades. It’s an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to get ahead in this field.

The books in the Architectural Planning and Design of Buildings section are about architecture, building design, construction management, engineering systems, landscape architecture, urban planning, spatial planning, site development and urban design. The books cover topics such as architectural styles, building materials and construction techniques.

Architectural Planning and Design of Buildings books give architects, designers, contractors, and engineers a comprehensive overview of the history, design principles, and technical aspects of architecture. These books act as the foundation for all architectural planning. They are used to create timelines, budgets, and roles of everyone involved. The books also show scale models of proposed buildings which provide a blueprint for the construction process.

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