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Best Books on Architectural Planning and Design of Buildings

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Textbooks and Reference Books on Architectural Planning and Design of Buildings


  1. Building Drawings with an integrated Approach to Built-Environment by M. G. Shah, C. M. Kale and S. Y. Patki, New Delhi, Tata McGraw Hill. (5th edition.)
  2. Building science and planning by Dr. S. V. Deodhar, Khanna Publishers.
  3. Building Services Engineering by David V. Chadderton, sixth edition, London & New York.
  4. Drawing for Civil Engineering by Jan A. Van Der Westhuizen

Reference books:

  1. National Building Code (latest).
  2. Building Design and construction by Frederick Merrit, Tata McGraw Hill.
  3. Times Saver standards of Architectural Design Data by Callender, Tata McGaw Hill.
  4. I.S. 962 – 1989 Code for Practice for Architectural and Building Drawings.
  5. Development plan and DCP Rules of urban local body, New Delhi, Volume 12.
  6. Model building bye laws by MoUD, GoI.

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