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Architecture 101: A Crash Course in Architectural Structures

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Throughout the years, different past civilizations have come up with many ways to improve their architectural designs. Some of these buildings may have had flaws, but architects made it a point to make improvements to ensure that the design they came up with will work. Most don’t know that the modern buildings they see nowadays have a few designs from past architect designs.


Modern architects have made significant improvements from the past designs to ensure they keep up with modern times. As long as architects exist, structures will always keep improving throughout the years. If you don’t know the different architectural styles, here are some examples you might notice in this day and age. 

Roman and Greek Architectural Style

Most people recognize Roman and Greek architecture as a classical architecture style. They were the pioneers of creating structures against set templates, including the Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian are Greek columns that modern architects still use today. You can find some of these designs in well-known Greek buildings like the Colosseum in Athens.

Another thing you need to know about Roman and Greek architecture is that they are the masters of engineering. Most Romans were proficient in building impressive aqueducts and highway systems to create a pathway for all kinds of commercial goods and water across the lands that stretched all over Europe. 


Ancient Egyptian Architectural Style

You can label Egyptians as the most powerful civilization in all of history because of the many remarkable feats they have given the world, like the pyramids. However, Egyptians made their mark on the architectural field by focusing on highly detailed temple complexes that mostly centered on functionality and aesthetics. 

Egyptians’ architectural style is also still used in today’s designs, serving as an inspiration for some modern architects for their designs. Even the Romans and Greeks borrowed several details from the Egyptians. That is one sign that the Egyptians were one of the best in the architectural scene.

Mesoamerica Architectural Style

If you don’t know what Mesoamerica means, it came from a Greek word called “Middle America.” You can find the place in central Mexico going down through Central America. The Mayans were the most famous people who inhabited this land and came up with the Mayan calendar, where they predicted what year the world could potentially end. 

Aside from being famous for knowing when the world would crumble, they have also come up with the best architectural styles. The Mayan temples are an excellent example of their architectural style. Mythological and religious beliefs inspired the design because they believed that the architectural design related to their faith. 

You can notice that the temples have a bit of Egyptian style due to their pyramid-like shape. They used heavy stonework for their structural designs, which limited their options to create true arches. However, this downside made them adapt to use the corbel arch, which was lightweight and functional at the same time. 

These are just one of the many architectural styles that architects nowadays use for their designs. If you’re an architect that needs to add more features to your design, there are recommended access doors and panels to make the design more functional. 


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