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You might have aware that, in this competitive digital age it’s very difficult to run a website like, at the end of each month we end up paying hefty bills to make this website running. Support Constructionplacements.

You can help ConstructionPlacements to continue running our Job-portal and also, to encourage us to write an awesome career-related informative article.

Recently we have written books to support the career and job aspirations of young, fresh civil engineering students and job seekers.

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We request you to kindly buy these books, written by our experts. We assure you, these books will prepare you to achieve every milestone in your job searching journey.

These books are based on our research and findings from our continuous engagements with the construction professionals & industry insights.

As in February 2020, we are a strong community of more than 500,000 construction professionals.

Constructionplacements is free from commercial and political bias and not influenced by billionaire owners or shareholders.

We need your support to keep us deliver quality contents & genuine jobs from construction, real estate, infrastructure, projects, oil and gas and related industries

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