Why is Waterproofing a must

Why is Waterproofing a must before you buy or rent a home?

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Home is the best place in the world – isn’t it? Whether you come back home after a long tiring day at work or from a long vacation to an exotic location, spending 3 days 4 nights in a luxury hotel. But when you’re back home – that’s when you feel there is no better place on earth than this. We have discussed here why waterproofing is a must before you buy or rent a home?


In short – home – a bungalow or an apartment, whether you rent it or buy it, you would want everything to be perfect. The rooms, the balcony, garden space, and so on. But many times people forget about the essentials and fly high with amenities, surrounding nearby, garden space and so on but forget about the most important factor, which is waterproofing.

Let us first understand waterproofing;

What is waterproofing?

Waterproofing is the process of minimizing or completely diminishing the risk of water leakage in bungalows, apartments, commercial spaces, and other buildings by blending advanced solutions while constructing. This saves the structure and interiors from any water seepage issues.


Why is waterproofing important?

Water is the most essential necessity and to make water reach each corner of the home, there are networks of pipelines that run throughout a building. At any point in time, a pipeline can get damaged and cause damage to the construction. It can result in the following events that you would never want to take place at any cost:

  • Plasterboards can swell up and debond the ceramic tiles.
  • Risk of short circuit.
  • Blistering of Paint.
  • It can damage the structure and also hamper finishes like floor joints, beams, floors, frames, etc.
  • It can create health problems. Respiratory problems may arise due to gases arising out of water leakage.

What Should You Do When Renting or Buying a New Home?

If you’re purchasing a new home – an apartment or a bungalow constructed by any real estate company, make sure to ask them a few questions, like

  • Which waterproofing solutions have they opted for? Is it done with quality material like Micronsil 30C?
  • Secondly, which areas have they covered – the whole structure or a few important ones like – roof, bathroom, etc.
  • Everything in this world comes with life – do ask how long will the waterproofing last without any problems?

And, if you plan to build your own home or any other building – we would want you to place waterproofing at the top of your checklist.

Benefits of Waterproofing

The benefits of waterproofing are endless and there’s no reason you should not opt for waterproofing your home or office building.

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  • Greater Peace of Mind

Whether it’s monsoon or winter or summer, the constructed building does get affected and is not visible to our eyes. With the correct waterproofing solution – you can always sit back and relax without worrying about anything.

  • Saves Money

Ignore waterproofing and it will burn a hole in your pocket in the future. The cost of waterproofing might seem a costly affair and a tricky task but think of it as a long-term investment that could actually save you money. As we say – prevention is better than cure so why take a chance?

  • Promotes Healthy Life to Your Building

Waterproofing has a direct impact on the life of a building. When you save it from seepage and other water problems, you adapt to a healthy and happy life for your loved ones.

  • Enhances the Value of Your Building

When your home or office building is safe from such risks it definitely increases the value of the building.

Waterproofing up…

When you walk out to buy or rent a new home – we hope waterproofing will surely be on your checklist to ask your real estate company or your homeowner.


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