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Living kitchens are the new trend in 2024 – Here is how you can have this sociable space

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A kitchen is no longer a place that is used just for cooking but a social space. Over the years, the kitchen has earned the reputation of being the heart of a home, and indeed, the kitchen is a hub for daily life. There, you drink the first sip of the morning coffee and have a midnight snack, and all the other activities in the day center around the kitchen. Now, the kitchen is a space to gather, relax, and connect with friends and family. This transition has led to a new trend, and this is how the concept of a “living kitchen” came to be. In this space, the boundaries between a living room and a cooking space dissolve and create a hub that evokes a great sense of comfort, warmth and versatility.


If you want to spend time in your kitchen and make it more comfortable and welcoming, then you need to learn more about the concept of a “living kitchen.” Without further ado, let’s delve into the intriguing space of a “living kitchen.”

What is a “Living Kitchen”?

In the past years, the kitchen was a functional but closed-off room that people used the most to prepare meals. However, today, kitchens incorporate many more elements, and they are not used only to cook but also to spend quality leisure time. Now, kitchens are more open, larger, and better equipped for eating together, cooking, working, entertaining, and relaxing. The contemporary kitchens blend aesthetics with functionality and can incorporate various elements, including comfy seating areas and a large central island.


Today, the kitchen is designed to be developed to the way we live, and to make families make the most of their time spent together.

Here is how you can create this type of kitchen.

Consider an open layout

Open-plan kitchens can add a sense of togetherness, even if everybody in the space is focused on different activities. In the last few years, people have been more interested than ever in replacing the walls that once separated living and dining areas with open layouts that allow a more communal and inclusive experience. From eating and cooking to relaxing and reading, a large open kitchen can help you integrate all the features of a living room in just one space.

An open-plan living can make your life more enjoyable, keep people connected and stimulate flowing conversation.

Let your kitchen island steal the show

The kitchen island is the part where every guest and family member interacts. Whether this happens in cooking, talking or gathering together, the island has become the workhouse in modern kitchens. If you want to make your island more appealing, it will be good to incorporate seating around it so that you will create a welcoming spot for everyone to enjoy.

This is why, if you are looking for new kitchen island ideas, it will be better to choose something free standing rather than fitted. This will enhance the sightlines throughout the space and offer a more airy ambience.


Creating versatile and cozy seating with the help of a banquette

If you want to blur the lines between living spaces and kitchens, then built-in kitchen seating ideas are the best solution. A dining nook can maximize the seating capacity and add an element of coziness, especially with the help of soft prints and furnishings.

This feature ensures that the focus is on comfort so that you will have different zones for relaxing, eating and cooking. Seating will also allow a seamless transition from preparing food to having relaxed conversations.

Don’t forget about the right kitchen units

If you want to have a cozy and glamorous kitchen that will be perfect for gatherings with family and friends, then you can opt for white gloss kitchens. Or you can choose freestanding and flexible furniture that can accommodate various activities and be easily rearranged. For extra appeal, it will also be good to consider a functional and stylish bar that will add a touch of entertainment and sophistication. In this way, the kitchen will become a versatile space for casual get-togethers and cocktail nights.

Integrate a couch or other soft touches

Because now the kitchens have also become wind-down-places, why wouldn’t you want to integrate a couch? This will prioritize functionality while also creating an atmosphere that exudes comfort and warmth.

And really, can you name something better than hanging out at home, eating and cooking delicious food while you read an amazing book on a comfy couch? The great bonus of this scenario is that you can do all these activities in just one place. In this way, the kitchen will not only be a space for chores but also an environment to relax, especially if the chairs and sofas have a view of the outdoors.

In this type of kitchen, homeowners can infuse their personality into the space with the help of unique décor elements, thoughtful color ideas and personalized touches that will bring softness. The goal of a “living kitchen” is to create an environment that goes beyond the traditional idea and feels more like a living room. If you want to make the kitchen a more social space, you can also add art, as this will bring personality to the space.

Add different types of light features

A key element in creating a liveable and multi-functional kitchen is lighting. While the majority of homeowners have light only above the prep space, this might not be enough to make a great ambiance. So, it can be a good idea to include a mix of accent, task, and ambient lighting with some overhead pendant lights, wall sconces and recessed spotlights for under shelves and cabinets. Or, if you want to make the kitchen feel more livable, you can add a lamp on the countertop, as this will provide low-level lighting and thus create a better ambiance.


Are you ready to create your own living kitchen?

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