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How to Find Out Where Someone Works?

Last Updated on March 29, 2024 by Admin

There are many motives behind why you might be interested in knowing where someone works. It could be for professional networking, discovering new job opportunities, addressing suspicions of dishonesty, or even enforcing child support.


Regardless of why you want to find out where someone works, there are various ways to find this information. Some are as simple as using the internet to reveal their employment, while others involve hiring professionals to do the job for you. Our article will discuss all these to answer how to find out where someone works.

Five Methods for Finding Where Someone Works

There are various tools you can utilize to find out where someone works. Below, you’ll discover five methods to go about this. Make sure to consider the ones that apply to your situation to increase your chances of finding where the person you’re looking for is employed.


1. People Search

People search engines are powerful tools that help users discover information about a particular person only using their name. These tools scan numerous public databases and compile everything you need.

While there are many that bring up public information from government agencies, like property ownership and court records, some can go as far as letting you know their current employment.

For example, Information.com’s people search can bring up all these about a person, along with other public information. All you need is the person’s full name, though having other details like phone number and email address helps for faster results.

2. Check Social Media

People often use social media for business and employment. LinkedIn is an excellent resource to find out where someone works, as it’s only used for career purposes. Finding the person’s LinkedIn may lead you to where they currently work. This may also help you find out their employment history.

LinkedIn isn’t the only social media platform to find where someone works. Once you find any other social media account, look into their profile to discover where they work. Note that people search can also help if you don’t know about their social media presence, including dating profiles.

3. Use Google

Another option is a simple Google search. Although examining search results can be time-consuming, using Google’s certain search functions can help. If a search that only includes the person’s name doesn’t work, try adding relevant information about the person in quotes, such as education and previous workplaces.


For example, enter the person’s name followed by what you know about them, like “ABC University” or John Wick “ABC Company.” Doing this type of search will narrow the results and help you find out about their current employment.

4. Contact Government Agencies

If you’re trying to find out where someone works for legal reasons, contact relevant government agencies instead. Doing this can also help you take legal action, especially if you’re trying to find where your ex-spouse works for child support reasons.

It’s not news for an ex-spouse not to report their new job after leaving their previous one. In these cases, contacting relevant authorities in your area, such as the Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE), will help you find where they work and take legal action immediately.

5. Hire a Private Investigator

If you’ve exhausted all these options and are still left clueless about where they work, consider hiring a private investigator to do the job for you. Hiring a professional can also help you learn more information about the person.

A private investigator to find out where someone works will likely cost around $100. However, your location and the specifics of your case may influence the cost of a private investigator. Consider getting quotes from multiple PIs that deal with these cases to hire an appropriate investigator for your case.

Gathering Additional Information

Our article listed various methods for finding out where someone works. However, it can be challenging to find this information if their employment has just started. Consider gathering additional information about the person to increase your chances.

A reliable people search engine and finding their social media accounts can help you gather additional information about the person to dig deeper into their employment. In cases where you need to know the person’s employment for legal reasons, contact relevant authorities, as they can access up-to-date information you can’t.


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