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Entry-Level Construction Industry Pre-Employment Assessment: Online Test

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Welcome to the Construction Industry Pre-Employment Test! This test is designed to evaluate your basic understanding and knowledge relevant to entry-level roles in the construction industry. Whether you are applying for a laborer, apprentice, or entry-level technician position, this assessment aims to gauge your readiness and suitability for the field.


The test is divided into sections, each focusing on different aspects of construction work. These sections include:

  • General Knowledge: This section tests your understanding of basic concepts and terminology commonly used in the construction industry.
  • Safety: Your safety and the safety of others on the job site are paramount. This section evaluates your understanding of safety practices and protocols.
  • Tools and Equipment: Understanding the tools of the trade is crucial. This part will test your familiarity with the equipment you may use on the job.
  • Math and Measurements: Accurate measurements are crucial in construction. This section tests your basic math skills and understanding of measurement systems relevant to construction work.
  • Materials: Knowing your materials can make or break a project. This section assesses your knowledge of the types of materials used in different phases of construction.
  • Procedures: This part of the test evaluates your understanding of basic construction procedures, from reading blueprints to quality control.
  • Terminology: Every industry has its own language, and construction is no different. This section will test your grasp of key construction terms.
  • Miscellaneous: This section includes various questions that don’t neatly fit into the other categories but are still relevant to work in the construction industry.

Welcome to your Pre-employment Test Test


  • This is a FREE online test
  • Total number of questions: 25
  • Time allotted: 15 minutes
  • Each question carries 1 mark, no negative marks
  • DO NOT refresh the page
  • All the best!

Each question offers four multiple-choice options. Only one option is the correct answer. Please read each question carefully before selecting your answer.

Remember, this is a timed test, so manage your time wisely. All the best, and we look forward to assessing your suitability for a fulfilling career in the construction industry!

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