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10 Best DevOps Certifications in 2022

Last Updated on July 1, 2022 by Admin

Development and Operations are combined to form DevOps. It’s a popular approach that many IT companies all around the world are incorporating. DevOps certification has consequently grown in popularity in recent years. DevOps engineers combine together the skills related to software development, such as agile approaches, and abilities related to IT operations, such as infrastructure management and configuration, and automation, to bridge the communication gap between development and operations teams.

These engineers’ primary objective is to convert infrastructure into code by developing foolproof methods to automate the complete infrastructure and transfer it to the cloud utilizing a set of tools for continuous delivery, integration, and monitoring.

DevOps certification displays the specialized competitive abilities and subject knowledge needed to be a successful DevOps practitioner. Obtained through different tests, training programs, or performance evaluations, they serve as evidence that the candidate meets high criteria.

Earning a certification boosts the likelihood of landing a decent job because DevOps positions are frequently listed among the best-paid ones in terms of compensation.

Here is a list of the top DevOps certifications and their associated costs, which can help candidates advance their careers.

Professional AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Certification

It is currently one of the most well-known certificates and is highly respected by experts and professionals globally. It aids in validating your DevOps expertise so you may develop professionally.

Professionals with two or more years of expertise setting up, running, provisioning, and managing infrastructures in AWS settings should take this test. Your skills in creating CD and CI systems on AWS, automating security measures, confirming compliance, overseeing and monitoring AWS activities, installing metrics, and logging are all validated.

Your ability to develop highly scalable, self-healing systems on AWS is tested by this DevOps certification.

DevOps Engineer Expert Microsoft Certification

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform, much like AWS. This certificate is intended for applicants and professionals that interface with organizations, people, and processes while possessing significant subject matter knowledge in continuous delivery.

Experts must possess expertise in duties like implementing and designing techniques and products that enable teams to collaborate, converting infrastructure into code, performing continuous integration and service monitoring, and managing configurations, testing, and feedback in order to enroll in this certification program.

Google Cloud Platform Professional DevOps Engineer Certification

GCP offers a Google-accredited certification for skilled cloud engineers. These specialists are often in charge of carrying out development activities efficiently in order to balance the order specified with service dependability.

This qualification is intended for people who are proficient in GCP and can create pipelines for providing software, monitoring services, and deploying them. Professionals interested in pursuing this certificate should have three or more years of industry-level competence and one or more years of experience with GCP management services.

Certification for Kubernetes

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and the Linux Foundation joined forces to create Kubernetes, an open-source container management system that streamlines the deployment and scaling of multi-container applications. One of the best DevOps technologies, Kubernetes, allows the DevOps team to keep up with the demands of software development, making it a dominant force in the DevOps certification market. It is helpful to take up the best Kubernetes training further if you wish to acquire this certification

DevOps Foundation

Through this qualification, people get a thorough grasp of CI/CD, testing, security, and “The Three Ways,” as well as how DevOps relates to certain other approaches like Agile and Lean.

An open-book, web-based exam has 40 MCQs and has no requirements. Students have the choice of using a trainer or independent learning to prepare for the test. Nonetheless, plan on spending a total of 16 hours studying for the test.

Nano-Degree in Cloud DevOps Engineering

This certification teaches DevOps via hands-on experience with real-world projects. You will learn how to plan, create, and monitor CI/CD pipelines. You’ll also learn how to build infrastructure as code (IaC).

After successfully finishing the program, you will be able to utilize highly scalable methods and microservices utilizing tools such as Kubernetes. To begin the program, you must have prior experience with HTML, CSS, and Linux commands, as well as a fundamental understanding of operating systems.

Certification for Professional Puppets

One of the most well-utilized configuration management tools in DevOps is Puppet. Because of this, this certification is highly valued and may serve as proof of your talents.

You must have practical experience using Puppet in order to pass this certification exam, which will assess your proficiency using its tools.

After submitting an application for this certification, you will be able to use Puppet to conduct operations on remote system infrastructure and be required to complete specific tasks. Additionally, you will be able to learn about external data sources, data separation, language usage, and other topics.

DCA Certification

Docker Certified Associate assesses skills and abilities with real challenges created by professional Docker experts and is aimed at Docker specialists with certain essential expertise dealing with Docker.

DevOps Engineering Foundation

The DevOps Engineering Foundation qualification, offered by the DevOps Institute, guarantees a professional mastery of basic concepts, methods, and practices which is necessary to design an effective DevOps implementation.

The DevOps Engineering Foundation accreditation has no requirements, much as the DevOps Foundation accreditation. The open-book online test consists of 40 MCQs that candidates must respond to. Self-study or trainer options are available. It requires at least 16 hours to study for an assessment.

HashiCorp Certified Terraform Associate DevOps Certification

The HashiCorp Terraform Associate certification is intended for cloud engineers that have a background in operations, information technology, or development and are familiar with the fundamental ideas and abilities related to open source HashiCorp Terraform. Applicants with prior industrial Terraform production expertise are preferred but not needed. People can also complete the test criteria in a personalized demo setting if that isn’t the case. After receiving this qualification, the holder is aware of the enterprise applications and functions as well as what could and could not be performed with open-source software. Retaking the test every 2 years is required for participants to stay relevant.

This test is an MCQ online test that is being invigilated. Applicants could access a free online self-paced training manual, revision guide, and preparation problems. Based on studying speed, test preparation might require up to 50 hours.


Studying DevOps might be intimidating, therefore we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the finest DevOps certifications. It is not difficult to find one that corresponds to DevOps accreditation with any tool or platform you have familiarity with. It is critical to get extensive real-world hands-on experience with the DevOps technology for which you wish to be certified. To have a successful DevOps profession, you must practice, study, and obtain a DevOps Foundation course online and subsequent certification.

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