Tips for Buying Quality Power Tools

3 Top Tips for Buying Quality Power Tools

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When you have work to complete and need either a new power tool or to replace a broken one, It’s important to spend a little time researching them to ensure you end up with good quality and highly reliable power tool that will match your expectations and be able to complete the tasks you have bought it for.

There are 3 ways you can help save yourself time and the disappointment of purchasing power tools that are substandard.

Power tool review sites

Power tool review sites are a great way to find reliable power tools that will meet expectations.

They have done all the hard work of researching all the different aspects of the tools and just as importantly checking their reliability over long periods of use.

This is important because they need to have longevity and the features that will help you complete the specific work you have in mind.

Many of these power tool review sites are put together by professional tradesmen who have spent years using power tools so you get to take advantage of the knowledge they have learned over many years and across a wide range of equipment.

A good example of a power tool review site that has reliable and well put together reviews is which I like because it really goes into detail on all the features and what work it will and won’t suit.

This also saves you trawling through all the previous buyers’ reviews trying to work out if it is the correct tool for you.

It is especially useful for people who are just getting into DIY or are starting work in a job that requires you to use power tools as they also run through the safety precautions and the importance of wearing the correct safety equipment whilst operating machinery.

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Trawl through the previous user’s reviews

Although it’s not as effective as number 1 it can still be a good way to research different power tools and their reliability and performance over periods of time.

This method can be problematic if the tools are new on the market so haven’t built up any type of previous customer reviews.

It can take a lot of time to find the answers you need answering this way as sometimes there is a massive amount of reviews to get through. One of the best tips for buying quality power tools.

On many online retail sites there is a verified buyer next to the reviews that have been left by actual purchasers of those tools and they are the reviews that you should give more weight too rather than the unverified ones.

Ask relatives or friends who are in a trade

Another good way is by word of mouth, most people have at least one friend or relative who is a tradesman.

It doesn’t matter if they are roofers, carpenters, welders or builders most will have heavy experience of using a wide array of power tools and you can use their experience to your advantage.

You will probably find they like talking about power tools so it isn’t any inconvenience to them.

Cordless power tools

Many power tools advertise their power tools battery life and charging speed as a selling point but you should take some of them with a pinch of salt and pay special attention to reviews mentioning the battery’s performance from an actual user.

The battery is such an important part of the cordless power tool because simply you can’t use it without the battery power source.

Some cordless power tools come with a spare battery and this can be really convenient when used in conjunction with a quick-charge battery charger because you can quickly charge one battery whilst working the other one in your tool. This is also, one of the best tips for buying quality power tools.

Power tool warranties

Always have a good read of the warranty that is being given with any power tool you purchase, the longer the warranty normally the better.

Many retailers offer only 30 days returns on power tools then it is down to the manufacturer’s warranty to repair or replace any damaged equipment.

Many warranties will cover parts and fitting and it will be down to you to send it to them, that is why it’s important to read up on what you are covered for before you purchase anything.

Some manufacturers offer very generous warranties of 3 -5 years and this can be a sign that they have a healthy amount of confidence that those tools are built to last and will survive for a long time even with heavy usage.

Power tool safety

The most important part of choosing power tools and using them correctly is following the correct procedures and adhering to the safety advice given by manufacturers or experienced power tool users.

Always wear the correct PPE and read through the instructions for the machinery you purchase.

There could be very important safety features that you should set in place before using safety barriers and kill stops.

Any dust extraction features should be set up to help prevent fine dust from being thrown into the air.

The dust that comes off metals and woods when cutting, sawing, drilling or routing can be very bad for your health so make sure you wear a very good mask to prevent this.

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