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An Overview of Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation (GMRC) Limited

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Ahmedabad – Gandhinagar Metro rail project is being promoted with the objective of providing safe, fast and eco-friendly transportation services to the public at affordable rates while simultaneously reducing the congestion on the roads. The metro rail project will promote integration with AMTS, BRTS, Railways and other modes of the public transit system.

  • Very responsive State Government and progressive leadership
  • Relatively flat terrain
  • Use of state of the art technology
  • Minimum land acquisition
  • Majority elevated track

Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation (GMRC) Limited (SPV of Government of India and Government of Gujarat)
[Formerly known as Metro-Link Express for Gandhinagar And Ahmedabad (MEGA) Company Limited]

GMRC is committed to delivering World Class state-of-art technology most cost-efficient metro within the shortest time span possible in the country.

The proposed metro will have majorly elevated structure, ballast-less tracks, air-conditioned coaches, GPS based rail tracking system, train destination indicators & stations with support infrastructure like automated fare collection, parking facilities, etc.

Vision & Mission

“To provide safe, fast and eco-friendly rail-based mass transit services to the public at affordable rates while
simultaneously catalyzing dense and orderly urban growth”

Project Overview

GMRC aims to create a landmark metro rail project not only for the state of Gujarat but also for the whole country. GMRC is committed to delivering most cost-efficient metro within the shortest time span possible in the country. Seamless connectivity, minimum land acquisition, world-class State- of- art infrastructure, fastest implementation, least construction cost are some of the key features of the project.

Alignment Details

The total length of the Ahmedabad Metro Rail Project Phase-I is about 40.03 km out of which approximately 6.5 KM is underground and the rest is elevated section. The project will connect 4 corners of the Ahmedabad city with 2 corridors and 32 stations.

North-South Corridor with a length of 18.87 km will connect Motera Stadium to APMC, Vasna and will be passing through Sabarmati, AEC, Sabarmati Railway station, Ranip, Vadaj, Vijaynagar, Usmanpura, Old High court, Gandhigram, Paldi, Shreyas, Rajivnagar and Jivraj stations. North-South Corridor will be completely elevated with 15 stations.

The length of the East-West Corridor is about 21.16 km with 17 stations in the route. This corridor will connect Vastral Gaam to Thaltej Gaam and will be passing through Nirant Cross Road, Vastral, Rabari Colony, Amraiwadi, Apparel Park, Kankaria East, Kalupur Railway Station, Ghee Kanta, Shahpur, Old High Court, Stadium, Commerce Six Road, Gujarat University, Gurukul Road, Doordarshan Kendra, Thaltej stations. In the East-West corridor, approximately 6.5 km is the underground section with 4 underground stations and the rest is the elevated section with 13 elevated stations. Old High Court station will be an interchange station for both the corridors.

Environment Care


The historic city of Ahmedabad is becoming the increasing opportunities for trade and commerce and as a center for higher education, the population of the city is already touching 6 million and this heavy growth continues. Being thickly populated area, Ahmedabad’s traffic needs cannot be met by only a road-based system. With the projected increase in the population of the city, strengthening and augmenting of transport infrastructure has assumed urgency. For this purpose, provision of Rail-based Metro system in the city has been considered.

Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation (GMRC) Limited intends to implement Phase 1 of the Ahmedabad Metro Rail Project with international/multilateral funding from lending agencies like JICA. Phase 1 comprises of the revised North-South corridor from APMC to Motera along the existing railway line and the East-West corridor from Thaltej to Vastral. The East-West corridor provides connectivity between residential areas in the western part of Ahmedabad and Industrial areas in the eastern part and passes through old city and Ashram Road.

Safety & Quality


Metro is emerging as the most favored mode of the urban transportation system. The inherent characteristics of the metro system make it an ideal target for terrorists and miscreants. Metro systems are typically open and dynamic systems which carry thousands of commuters. Moreover, the high cost of infrastructure, its economic importance, being the lifeline of the city with high news value, fear & panic, and many casualties poses a greater threat to its security. Security is a relatively new challenge in the context of public transport. It addresses problems caused intentionally.

Security differs from safety which addresses problems caused accidentally. Security problems or threats are caused by people whose actions aim to undermine or disturb the public transport system and/or to harm passengers or staff. These threats range from daily operational security problems such as disorder, vandalism, and assault to the terrorist threat.

Passenger Safety Features

(i) ATP
The rolling stock is provided with Continuous Automatic Train Protection to ensure absolute safety in the train operation. It is an accepted fact that 60-70% of the accidents take place on account of human error. Adoption of this system reduces the possibility of human error.

(ii) Fire
The rolling stock is provided with fire retarding materials having low fire load, low heat release rate, low smoke, and toxicity inside the cars. The electric cables used are also normally low smoke zero halogen type which ensures passenger safety in case of fire.

(iii) Emergency door
The rolling stock is provided with emergency doors at both ends of the cab to ensure well-directed evacuation of passengers in case of any emergency including fire in the train

(iv) Crashworthiness features
The rolling stock is provided with inter-car couplers having crash worthiness feature which reduces the severity of injury to the passengers in case of accidents.

(v) Gangways
Broad gangways are provided in between the cars to ensure free passenger movement between cars in case of any emergency.

(vi) Provision of Platform Screen doors /gates on all Platforms for passenger safety.

(Vii) Person screening/baggage screening/CCTV coverage on PF and also on trains/access controls for vital rooms and track/ access to paid areas through AFC gates only etc.


Signaling, & Train Control

‘CATC’ (Continuous Automatic Train Control System) based on “CBTC” (Communication based Train Control System) which includes ATP (Automatic Train Protection), ATO (Automatic Train Operation) and ATS (Automatic Train Supervision) subsystems using radio communication between Trackside and Train.
Train operations planned to be Driverless.

Telecommunication and Fare Collection

i) Integrated System with Fibre Optic cable, SCADA, Train Radio, PA system etc.
ii) Train information system, Control telephones, and Centralized Clock System.
iii) Automatic Fare collection system with POM and Smart card etc.

Construction Methodology

Elevated viaduct consisting of pre-stressed concrete “Box” shaped Grinders on the single pier with pile/open foundations, and underground tunneling by TBM(Tunnel Boring machine) using EPBM(Earth Pressure Balancing Method) technology & also some portion by NATM(North Austrian tunnelling method) and UG station by the cut & cover with TOP-DOWN methodology.

Contact Detail

Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation (GMRC) Limited 
(SPV of Government of India and Government of Gujarat)
[Formerly known as Metro-Link Express for Gandhinagar And Ahmedabad (MEGA) Company Limited]

A career with Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation (GMRC) Limited 

Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation (GMRC) Limited regularly posts the job vacancies for the various posts on their website, check their career page for the latest job openings in GMRC Limited.

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