Why your Business could benefit from a Mezzanine floor

Why your Business could benefit from a Mezzanine floor

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The demand for extra space has never been higher. Whether you are a company that supplies timber and cannot keep up with the increased demand caused by the great shed boom inspired by many of us have more free time, or you are just, like many other companies expanding the online fulfillment side of your business, space is often the biggest single factor that is holding you back.

Even if you don’t need a great deal of extra space, one of the beautiful benefits of installing a mezzanine floor is that it affords the possibility of a much-needed reshuffle, helping you to increase the segregation of specific tasks, keep goods coming in separate from goods going out and boosting overall safety and efficiency of your space.

The cost of moving premises as well as increasing the floor area of an existing building is often prohibitive, not to mention not the most efficient use of space – the META if you will. Planning applications can usually be bypassed with mezzanine floor installations and the disruption to your day-to-day operation is kept to a minimum.

A view from above

Mezzanine floors make use of free air space in your building and could (depending on its use) be exempt from rates. In addition, the nature of the mezzanine itself is such that it affords a bird’s eye view of the operational hub below. This often allows managers to pick up on any operational inefficiencies, or indeed to highlight any ways in which the existing layout could benefit from tweaking.

Robust, strong, flexible storage

Mezzanine floors, usually constructed from high-grade steel make for an incredibly robust storage area – even for oversized, heavy items. Again, this can enable for segregation of inventory and supplies, increasing efficiency and reducing the risk of damage to stock or injury. There is also a wide range of racking systems specifically catering to mezzanine floors that are to be used for storage areas.

An oasis for an office

Anyone who works in a managerial role a warehouse environment will be well aware of how difficult it can be to find somewhere you can get some headspace and do that vital admin. Having a mezzanine floor converted for office use can provide the perfect solution for a quieter place to work.

A place for a break

It is becoming increasingly popular to use at least some of a mezzanine floor conversion as a rest and recreation area. Studies have shown that giving staff a place to relax during their break time can boost morale and increase working efficiency. Having a quiet space away from the warehouse floor to read a book, have a coffee, and recharge the batteries can go a long way.

Health and safety

It’s hard to get away from health and safety talk, but having a mezzanine is a tangible way to boost safety, as you can clear away items that were infringing on the work area below, making sure forklifts have clearly defined lanes and goods can flow in and out unhindered by the mess.

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