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How Do I Keep The Washing Machine Smelling Great?

Last Updated on November 25, 2021 by Admin

The accumulation of smells in the washing machine may depend on bacteria in cotton garments and towels. Of course, bacteria cause odours if they find a moist environment they can thrive in. But most people keep their washing machine in the bathroom. So, the vapour reduces the likelihood that the tub remains dry.

Mould and mildew can grow inside the washing machine. In this case, the tub smells damp and gross. Sometimes, the dirt accumulates inside the rubber door seal. Or debris clogs the filter. Other times, people cannot figure out why it smells so bad, and they call emergency plumbers in Southend like us.

Understanding Why the Washing Machine Smells Bad

Keeping the washing machine smelling great boils down to three key activities:

  • buying a great machine
  • maintenance
  • using the right products

1 – No Self Clean Technology

When buying a new, efficient washing machine, look for a self-clean feature. Most recent models use liquid detergents, which are one of the most likely causes of the bad smells, mainly because the most efficient machines use very little water. So, the undiluted detergent leaves a film on the clothes and rubber seals, along with the muck that the water did not wash out.

2 – Lack of Maintenance

Do you regularly take out the top draw and look for any build-up? Just by wiping the top draw slot with a towel, you can remove the residue that forms because of moisture and heat. For clarity, liquid detergents release tallow. This beef fat heats up as the temperatures go up to 40 degrees and over. Over time, the layered residue turns into a breeding ground for bacteria, which again cause gross smells.

The waste pipe’s trap is another example of a lack of maintenance. In detail, this problem happens any time the washing machine smells when filling with water that later become stagnant. If you smell rotten eggs when you open the lid, you may have old water in the trap. Sometimes, an empty hot cycle helps, especially if you add an acidic product or citric acid-usually, a cup or less is enough.

3 – Knowing the Products

Hard water cannot rinse detergents away well. So, if you do not use a water softener, the bad smells find their way into the fibres of your clothing and towels. Often, the accumulation of detergent film and dirt end up causing dry skin. In the UK alone, 1 in 5 children suffer from an inflammatory dry skin condition, and some of these problems are due to a lack of water softeners in their washing machines.

Detergents are irritants. This is why, on the detergent packaging, you see disclaimers and warnings. On a side note, you can look for safe products, but you still need to avoid dilution issues and do proper maintenance.

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3 Tips to Keep the Washing Machine Smelling Great

  1. Clean every part of the machine, starting with the top tray.
  2. If you put the detergent right in the drum area, put some washing soda (about 500g, please read the instructions) inside the drum and run an empty 90-degree hot cycle to kill the bacteria.
  3. Check the hose, trap, and standpipe for blockage every three or four cycles.

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