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Textbooks and Reference Books for Environmental Engineering-I

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Textbooks and Reference Books for Environmental Engineering-I

1. Environmental Engineering: Peavy and Rowe, McGraw Hill Publications.

2. Optimal Design of Water Distribution Networks: P. R. Bhave, Narosa Publishing House.

3. Rain Water Harvesting: Making water every body’s business by CSE (Centre for Science and Environment)

4. Harvesting Faith: Linda K. Hubalek. Published by Butterfield books.

5. CPHEEO Manual on Water Supply & Treatment.

6. Standard Methods for the examination of water and waste water, 20th Edition (American Public health Association).

Text Books:

1.Water Supply Engineering: S. K. Garg, Khanna Publishers, New Delhi.

2.Water Supply and Sanitary Engineering: G. S. Birdie and J. S. Birdie, DhanpatRai Publishing Company, New Delhi.

3 Environmental Engineering 1: Water Supply Engineering: B. C. Punmia, Ashok Jain and Arun Jain. Laxmi Publications (P) Ltd.

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4 Air Pollution: H. V. N. Rao and M. N. Rao, TMH Publications.

5. Theory and practice of water and waste water treatment–Wiley

6. Water Supply and Treatment Manual: Govt. of India Publication.

7. Waste Water Treatment-Concept Design and Approach—C.L.Karia,R.A.Christian–PHI

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8. Environmental Remote Sensing from Regional to Global Scales—Ed.Giles Foody—Wiley

9. Water Supply and Sanitary Engineering: G. S. Birdie and J. S. Birdie, Dhanpat Rai Publishing Company, New Delhi.

Suggested Reading: – Environmental Engineering by N. N. Barak ,

MGH – Environmental Engineering by Venugopal Rao,

PHI – Environmental Engineering by Steel,McGhee ,

MGH – Water Supply & Engineering by Pande andCarne ,

Tata McGraw Hill – Water Supply Engineering by Harold Eaton Babbit & James Joseph Doland ,

MGH – Principles of Water Treatment by Keny J. Howe,

MWH. – Water treatment : principles & Design 3rd edition by John C Crittenden R. Rhodes –

Water quality &Treatment : Handbook on Drinking Water 6th Edition by James K. Edzwald. –

Standard Methods, APHA,AWWA. –

Environmental Engineering Laboratory Manual by B. Kotain & Dr. N. Kumarswamy –

NEERJ Laboratory Manual

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