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We welcome Freelance Writers, Teaching Professionals, Construction Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Students if they wish to contribute to our platform by feeding us with articles, industry reports, videos, tutorials and all type of content which is related to Construction, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Projects, Oil & Gas industry. We pay for your content and hence it is a win-win situation for all users of this amazing platform. What are you waiting for? Just grab your laptop and submit your content now!

Guidelines for Contributors:

  • We cover Construction, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Projects, Oil & Gas industry exclusively.
  • We cover new topics that no one has touched so far.
  • We also cover existing topics but with a new insight or with a new angle or perspective.
  • We accept articles, small tutorials, videos, reports and industry insights etc as far as it is relevant to construction industry.
  •  We do not accept paraphrased content. We only accept rich and original content.
  • Proper references should be provided at the end of the content if you are using someone else’s work.
  • The article must contain minimum 1000 to maximum 2500 words for successful submission.
  • The content should be unique. It should not have been published elsewhere online or offline.
  • Once you submit your content, ConstructionPlacements team will review your content and check for grammar and other set parameters and make necessary changes as per our publishing standards. We may add or delete information in the content to match the content with our publishing standards.
  • You can submit a video by uploading on the submission form below or sharing the link of the video. We accept only fresh videos which are not published or shared on video platforms like Youtube or anywhere else.
  • We may ban you or blacklist you from publishing any content on our website if you do not stick to standard plagiarism norms.
  • If a post which is submitted by the contributor does not match our publishing standards will not be published.
  • Due credits will be given to the author for the content but the author agrees that once the post is live on ConstructionPlacements platform, the content becomes the intellectual property of ConstructionPlacements and the author cannot sell, reproduce, distribute, publish or pass on the submitted content to any third party.
  • We strictly follow copyright standards. It is the sole responsibility of an author to double-check his or her submission. If we notice any breach of copyright standards or in case the original author reaches us to claim the ownership of the content, the author who submitted the content to ConstructionPlacements should be responsible for the breach and he or she will be solely considered as the main culprit behind the breach. ConstructionPlacements or any staff or owner of ConstructionPlacements is not liable for any legal proceedings.
  • We pay the contributors depending upon the quality of the content ranging from 20 paise per word to Re. 1 per word. The author must get prior approval for the price quotes before the publication. There is no room for price negotiations, once the content is published on the platform. We pay by using mobile wallets only. It is the responsibility of the author to submit the correct contact number for payment. Payment once made can’t be reversed.
  • These guidelines will act as a binding agreement between the Contributor and ConstructionPlacements. If you disagree with any part of these guidelines, please do not participate in contributor’s programme or share your content.

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