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5 Best Plagiarism Checking Tools for E-Book Writers

Last Updated on July 21, 2021 by Admin

Every e-book writer knows that it is hard to gather so many thoughts and coming up with new ideas. Everyone always ends up using Google and getting inspiration from other writers. We have discussed here the 5 Best Plagiarism Checking Tools for E-Book Writers.

But if you are not careful enough, this inspiration can also turn into plagiarism. We introduce 5 best plagiarism checkers for all e-book writers.

Whether the book is based on affiliate marketing or hypnobirthing, at some point, you will run out of ideas. It is not a bad thing to research online, in fact, it is encouraged to do so.

But, if your content is plagiarized, then your e-book will have no worth in the market and most of the publishers will not even publish it.

To save your money, earn more, and to maintain your reputation, you can run your e-books through the plagiarism checkers.

They help you detect the plagiarized content so you can easily change that content before you submit your e-book.

It is not easy writing a whole book and there is nothing worse if it gets rejected by the publishers. The different plagiarism checker tools have different advantages and features.

Here are the top 5 tools for checking plagiarism that you can use to save your money and your reputation:

1. (

If you wish to completely eradicate any plagiarism in the content, this is the tool for you. You can check your entire e-books in just a few seconds and figure out where the plagiarism is.

When you are looking for a reliable tool that will also protect your privacy, this is the one you can trust.

Your e-books don’t only contain your words, but your thoughts, efforts, and time. Uploading it on an unsafe platform would most likely save the document and distribute it among other websites.

It can be avoided by using trusted websites and plagiarism checking tools. It is completely free and you can even create your own account to save all the files on the platform free of charge.

It is user friendly and gives you a comprehensive report of the plagiarized content.


  • Free to use
  • Easy processing
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Advanced technology

Plagiarism Checking Tools

Just as shown above, the whole plagiarized content will appear in the right box along with the links where the plagiarism was detected.


This tool specialized in detecting the plagiarized content in the fastest and most accurate way. Whatever kind of e-book you are writing and no matter what the topic is, you can rely on this tool.

All you have to do is copy the text in your books, paste it in the plagiarism checker toolbox and click on the check your text button.

The tool will then check the web and the offline databases and match the text with all the sources.

Within a few seconds, it will display a result of all the content that has been found with plagiarism within your document. You can go through everything then manually to remove the plagiarism and revise the duplicated content.

Salient features of plagly:

  • Free plagiarism checking software.
  • Next level technology for all the users.
  • Intelligent software checks naturally for grammatical mistakes.
  • Instant plagiarism checking with fast speed.
  • Find out the duplicated content.

Plagiarism Checking Tools

As shown in the image above, all of the plagiarized content will be marked red with links to the original sources at the bottom. On the other hand, the original content will be highlighted green.

This is not just an online tool but a whole software that you can use to detect plagiarism from your e-books. The tool is specifically to check the essays but it works perfectly with e-books as well.

The tool detects the best duplicates of words and sentences and finds out the sources. This source is completely safe as they don’t save anything in their databases and work clean.

It is a free tool to be used by everyone who needs to check their content. It is especially the best one for writers who are about to publish their own e-books or publishers who need to check the books to publish.

Prominent features of the tool:

  • You need to just copy and paste the text in the text box given.
  • A free tool for everyone to use.
  • Fast and reliable.
  • Promotes privacy for your content.
  • Detailed report at the end.

Plagiarism Checking Tools

4. (

Plagiarism is not just a problem, but a fraud and a legal crime. When it comes to e-books plagiarism, the prepostseo is the best tool that can help you.

It helps you not just detect the plagiarism but provides complete detail about everything.

The result of your searches at prepostseo is rewarded with a proper pdf file along with the sites the content has been plagiarized from.

It is free for the users and you can check as many e-books as you want. It does not restrict you to only use it a few times a day and lets you get creative.

Salient features pf prepostseo:

  • Provides the correct percentage of unique content.
  • Provides readability of the content.
  • Deep search with multiple language support.

Plagiarism Checking Tools


Copyspace is the perfect tool to check any e-books to find out the similarity percentage.

If you have already submitted the book and think that your SEO has dropped or you get any claims from someone else regarding the plagiarism, you can just copy-paste the URL of your book and check it.

It is even easier than the normal content copy-pasting as you just need the URL of the platform where you have uploaded your e-books.


  • Free to use.
  • Displays the sites which resemble yours and gives the percentage of the plagiarized content.

Plagiarism Checking Tools

As there are no copies of the content written on the entered website, the result is blank. If there are any copies found on the internet, the algorithms in the background will find it and display all such records.

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