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List of the Best Construction Companies in Doha, Qatar [2024 Updated List]

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In 2024, Doha, Qatar stands at the forefront of architectural innovation and infrastructural development, buoyed by significant investments in preparation for the Qatar National Vision 2030. This strategic initiative aims to transform the country into an advanced society capable of achieving sustainable development, with the construction sector playing a pivotal role. Hosting some of the world’s most prestigious construction companies, this blog presents a curated list of the best construction companies in Doha, acclaimed for their exceptional contributions to Qatar’s skyline and infrastructure. From monumental skyscrapers to state-of-the-art facilities, these firms are the driving force behind Doha’s transformation into a global construction powerhouse. Whether you’re a potential client, investor, or industry enthusiast, this compilation offers a comprehensive overview of the companies leading the way in quality, innovation, and excellence in the construction sector of Doha, Qatar, as it strides toward realizing its ambitious national vision.


Qatar Construction Market Overview

The Qatari construction market covers the growing construction projects in different sectors, like commercial construction, residential construction, industrial construction, infrastructure (transportation construction), and energy and utility construction, along with the scope of the report also segmented by types of construction like fencing, additions, and new building.

The Qatar construction market is estimated to reach USD 62.95 billion in 2024, with expectations to grow to USD 97.42 billion by 2029. This growth is projected at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.13% during the forecast period from 2024 to 2029. This significant growth is attributed to Qatar’s commitment to hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup, its National Vision 2030, and its ambition to host the Asian Games, indicating a strong focus on developing infrastructure and construction projects​.

The Qatar construction market is undergoing significant growth and transformation. As of the latest reports, the market is projected to expand from $57.68 billion in 2024 to $89.27 billion by 2028, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.13% during this period. This growth is spurred by various factors, including the thriving real estate sector, particularly outside the capital, and the Qatari government’s strategic investments in infrastructure development as part of its broader economic diversification efforts beyond the oil and gas sector.


Key projects under the 2050 Transport Plan, valued at $2.7 billion, are set to be awarded, including advancements in metro systems, modern highways, and the development of major cultural landmarks like the Museum of Islamic Art and the National Museum of Qatar. These projects are transforming Qatar into a significant travel destination, with investments in luxurious hotels and tourist facilities that blend heritage with modern luxury.

The construction market in Qatar is competitive, with both local and regional players participating in various large-scale infrastructure projects. These efforts are part of Qatar’s ambition to become a major global transportation hub, emphasizing airport development, an extensive metro network, and the construction of new cities.

This growth trajectory is supported by the government’s establishment of economic free zones to attract multinational companies and a focus on infrastructure modernization, positioning Qatar as a pivotal transportation and economic center in the region. 

List of the Construction companies in Doha, Qatar

The international construction companies in Qatar and building construction companies in Qatar. Find here the list of the big construction companies in Qatar. You can also find American construction companies in Qatar and the top construction companies in Qatar.

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This list also includes some British construction companies in Qatar and the top 100 construction companies in Qatar. By visiting the career page of these companies, you can also check the job vacancies. In these Qatar construction companies.


Note: The below list is not based on any ranking; the companies are listed per their alphabetical orders. We have collected this data from various online sources on www.google.com.

S.No. Company Name Location
1 Al Bandary Engineering Doha, Qatar
2 AFQCO Doha, Qatar
3 Al Ali Engineering Co. W.L.L Doha, Qatar
4 Al Balagh Doha, Qatar
5 Al Bandary Doha, Qatar
6 Al Bidda Doha, Qatar
7 Al Darwish Engineering Co. Doha, Qatar
8 Al Huda Contracting Doha, Qatar
9 Al Jaber Doha, Qatar
10 Al Seal Doha, Qatar
11 Al Sraiya Holding Group Doha, Qatar
12 Al Uthman Mechanical Doha, Qatar
13 Alcat Contracting Company Doha, Qatar
14 ALEC Doha, Qatar
15 Aljaber Engineering LLC Doha, Qatar
16 AlKaun Group Doha, Qatar
17 Anton Nehmeh Doha, Qatar
18 Arab Engineering Bureau Doha, Qatar
19 Arabian Construction Company International
20 Arabian Construction Engineering Company (ACEC) Doha, Qatar
21 Arabian Mep Contracting Doha, Qatar
22 Arabtec Doha, Qatar
23 Arc De Triomphe Doha, Qatar
24 ASCO Qatar Consulting Engineers (ASCO) Doha, Qatar
25 ASTAD Doha, Qatar
26 BESIX Group International
27 Bin Omran Trading and Contracting (BOTC) Doha, Qatar
28 Black Cat Engineering Construction Wll International
29 Bojamhoor Trading & Contracting Co. W.L.L Doha, Qatar
30 Boom Construction Doha, Qatar
31 CCC Doha, Qatar
32 CDC Doha, Qatar
33 Challenger Contracting Doha, Qatar
34 CMTC Doha, Qatar
35 Construction and Reconstruction Company Doha, Qatar
36 Construction Development Company LLC (CDC) Doha, Qatar
37 Daewoo Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd Doha, Qatar
38 Dar AL Handashah Doha, Qatar
39 Descon Engineering International
40 Dicotech – Qatar International
41 Doha Petroleum Construction Co. Ltd. Doha, Qatar
42 DOLPHIN Construction Company WLL Doha, Qatar
43 Domopan: Home Doha, Qatar
44 Egis International Doha, Qatar
45 EHAF Consulting Engineers Doha, Qatar
46 Electro Mechanical Engineering Company Doha, Qatar
47 Engineering Building Materials Co. Doha, Qatar
48 Erga Group Qatar Doha, Qatar
49 Etimaad Doha, Qatar
50 Fluor Corp. Doha, Qatar
51 Fujita Co Doha, Qatar
52 GCC (Global Contracting Company) International
53 Generic Engineering & Contracting Technologies Doha, Qatar
54 Get Qatar International
55 Gulf Contracting Co. Doha, Qatar
56 Gulf Engineering and Industrial Consultancy Doha, Qatar
57 Hamton International Doha, Qatar
58 Harinsa Contracting Company Qatar WLL Doha, Qatar
59 HBK Contracting Co. W.L.L Doha, Qatar
60 HKH Contracting Doha, Qatar
61 ITC Doha, Qatar
62 ITCC Doha, Qatar
63 J&P (Overseas) Ltd Doha, Qatar
64 Jacob Bros Constructions Doha, Qatar
65 Jersey Group International
66 Kettaneh Construction International
67 L&T Ltd Doha, Qatar
68 Leighton Doha, Qatar
69 Lotte Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd International
70 MACE QATAR – Mechanical and Civil Engineering Contractors Doha, Qatar
71 MAN Enterprise International
72 MARBU Doha, Qatar
73 MEDGULF Construction Company Doha, Qatar
74 Mercury Engineering Qatar Doha, Qatar
75 Midmac Contracting Co. W.L.L. Doha, Qatar
76 Nael Bin Harmal Doha, Qatar
77 PetroServ Limited Doha, Qatar
78 Porr Qatar Construction Doha, Qatar
79 Promer Qatar Doha, Qatar
80 Prominent Qatar Doha, Qatar
81 Qatar Building Company Doha, Qatar
82 Qatar Construction Technique W.L.L. Doha, Qatar
83 Qatar Integrated Building Solutions WLL Doha, Qatar
84 Qatar Trading & Contracting Group Doha, Qatar
85 Qcon – Qatar Engineering & Construction Company W.L.L Doha, Qatar
86 QCTC Doha, Qatar
87 QD-SBG Construction Doha, Qatar
88 QDVC Doha, Qatar
89 RAMCO Doha, Qatar
90 Redco Construction Almana Doha, Qatar
91 Salini Impregilo SpA Doha, Qatar
92 Salino Impregilo Doha, Qatar
93 Samsung International
94 Seero Engineering Consulting Doha, Qatar
95 Shelter Qatar Doha, Qatar
96 SP Qatar Doha, Qatar
97 tar Engineering and Construction Company – QCON Doha, Qatar
98 The Maintainers Doha, Qatar
99 UCC Doha, Qatar
100 United Construction Est Doha, Qatar
101 United Readymix Company Doha, Qatar
102 Vertex Engineering Doha, Qatar
103 VINCI Construction International


The top 10 construction companies in Qatar have significantly contributed to the country’s rapid infrastructure development, marking Qatar as a key player in the construction sector in the Middle East. This esteemed list includes firms renowned for their excellence in constructing high-profile projects, ranging from skyscrapers to stadiums and infrastructure essential for the FIFA World Cup 2022. The list of construction companies in Qatar encompasses a wide array of firms, from large international enterprises to small construction companies in Qatar, each playing a vital role in shaping the country’s skyline and infrastructure.

The Qatar construction company name list is extensive, reflecting the diversity and dynamism within the country’s construction sector. These companies are involved in various aspects of construction, from preliminary design and planning to engineering, procurement, and construction management, showcasing Qatar’s comprehensive capabilities in the construction domain.

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World Success Contracting Company in Qatar is among the firms that have gained recognition for their reliable and efficient services, contributing to the sector’s growth. This, along with other top construction companies in the Middle East, demonstrates the region’s commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability in construction practices.

The top 10 best construction companies in Doha, Qatar, are distinguished by their world-class standards, expertise in cutting-edge construction technologies, and their contribution to Qatar’s vision of becoming a sustainable and smart city. These companies have set benchmarks in architectural excellence, project execution, and timely delivery.

For those seeking detailed information, the list of construction companies in Qatar PDF and Qatar construction companies list with email addresses PDF provide valuable resources. These documents offer comprehensive insights, including contact details, facilitating networking, partnerships, and business opportunities within the construction industry in Qatar.


Construction companies in Qatar with email addresses are particularly sought after by suppliers, job seekers, and industry analysts looking to engage directly with these firms. This direct line of communication aids in fostering business relationships and exploring new ventures in Qatar’s thriving construction market.

World Success Contracting Company Qatar, along with other leading firms, exemplifies the robust growth and international standards met by Qatar’s construction industry. As the country continues to host significant global events and embark on ambitious infrastructure projects, the role of these construction companies becomes increasingly crucial, underlining their contribution to Qatar’s development and their standing in the global construction landscape.

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Which is the largest construction company in Qatar?

QD-SBG Construction WLL, Gulf Contracting Co. WLL, Qatari Diar Vinci Construction (QDVC) QSC, HBK Contracting Co. WLL and AlJaber Engineering WLL are the largest construction companies in Qatar.

Is Doha, Qatar, the best place to work in construction?

Doha, Qatar is often hailed as one of the best places to work in construction. The country has a rapidly growing economy and is home to many major construction projects. Qatar is also known for its good working conditions and high wages.

How many construction companies are there in Qatar?

As per our research, as of 2024 there are more than 100 plus companies are operating the Qatar construction industry.

What are the job opportunities in Qatar for Civil Engineers?

The job opportunities in Qatar for civil engineers are immense. The country is currently undergoing a period of rapid development, which has resulted in a high demand for qualified professionals in the field of civil engineering. The Qatar government has ambitious plans to further develop the infrastructure of the country, and this includes a large number of construction projects.

Which Firm Stands as the Largest Construction Company in Qatar?

Qatar’s largest construction company is QDVC (Qatari Diar Vinci Construction), known for its significant contributions to the country’s infrastructure, including landmark projects like the Lusail City development. QDVC’s extensive portfolio and involvement in major projects underscore its leading position in Qatar’s construction industry.

Which Company Is Recognized as the Leading Construction Firm Globally?

The leading construction company globally is Bechtel, an American firm with a reputation for completing complex and large-scale projects across various sectors, including energy, transportation, and government services. Bechtel’s worldwide presence and track record of success have established it as a top player in the international construction market.

Who Are the Prominent Building Developers in Qatar?

Prominent building developers in Qatar include Barwa Real Estate, United Development Company (UDC), and Ezdan Holding Group. These developers are behind some of Qatar’s most prestigious residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects, driving forward the nation’s real estate development with innovative and sustainable solutions.

Who Are the Key EPC Contractors Operating in Qatar?

Key EPC contractors in Qatar include Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC), Petrofac, and McDermott. These companies specialize in engineering, procurement, and construction services for the oil and gas sector, infrastructure projects, and more, contributing to Qatar’s growth as a major hub for industrial and infrastructure development.

What Role Do Construction Companies Play in Qatar’s National Vision 2030?

Construction companies in Qatar play a crucial role in realizing the Qatar National Vision 2030 by building the necessary infrastructure for sustainable development, enhancing the country’s urban landscape, and supporting the diversification of its economy away from oil and gas dependency. Their projects align with the vision’s goals of economic, social, human, and environmental development.

How Is Sustainable Construction Being Emphasized in Qatar?

Sustainable construction is being emphasized in Qatar through the adoption of green building standards, the use of eco-friendly materials, and the integration of energy-efficient technologies. Construction companies are increasingly focusing on sustainability to reduce environmental impact and support Qatar’s commitment to eco-friendly development practices.

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