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Billing Engineer Roles and Responsibilities

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Billing is the documentary aspect of the work done, through which payments can be made to the person involved in the contract and responsible to complete the work. Incomplete Billing can cause considerable losses to the contractor or the client. Hence, bills should be perfect and self-explanatory at any stage of the work. Bills from the work sites are to be prepared on a standard printed format. Find here the billing engineer roles and responsibilities along with the job description and salary details.

Every organization should maintain certain procedural systems, methods, and norms for preparing bills and forwarding them through the right channels for payments to the client and contractor.
Bills are generally prepared by the client, contractor, sub-contractor and different vendors for their payment and for the proper execution of the works at the sites.

There is a huge opportunity for civil engineers who are beginners and working professionals to get a job in the construction companies as a Billing Engineer by doing professional training in the Billing Engineering Course.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Billing Engineer

Billing Engineer Maintain and balanced the cash flow generations and workflow of any projects at the sites by monitoring the works from the office itself. Every Billing Engineer must have the knowledge of estimation and coast, BBS (Bar Bending Schedule), Rate analysis as per as DAR and market rate, Labour and machinery analysis, which enables them to the billing works at a different stage of construction with efficiency and accuracy. Almost every construction companies around the globe always demand and release a large number of vacancies for the Billing Engineer post.

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Billing Engineer Job Titles

  • Billing Engineer
  • Senior Billing Engineer
  • Planning and Billing Engineer
  • Estimation and Billing Engineer
  • Quantity Surveyor Cum Billing Engineer
  • Tendering and Billing Engineer

Education Qualification

B.E./B.Tech In Civil Engineering 

Various Roles and Responsibilities of a billing engineer working in a Construction contracting firm

Below are the important roles and responsibilities for a Billing Engineer.

  • Prepare measurement sheet from onsite data & drawings
  • Prepare bill of quantities & bills with rates from Tender
  • Get the bills certified from the client.
  • Prepare & process subcontractor bills
  • Data entry & analysis in ERP Software or SAP (If used by the company)
  • Check bills raised by the contractor. This includes on-site verification of measurement & verification of rates with Tender.
  • To take the measurement from the site engineer.
  • To process it as per the protocol of the company.
  • To follow up on the accounts department for payment.
  • Review of bills of quantities and item lists.
  • Value engineering to achieve functionality, safety, speed of execution and quality at lower costs by evaluation of different options.

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  • Checking and certification of bills and invoices from vendors, contractors.
  • Construction supervision of civil interior works at the site, including safety, quality and time schedule.
  • Analysis of variation claims by contractors /vendors and closing of the same.
  • Contracts Administration and enforcement at the site. Coordination with own team to ensure smooth execution and handover detail information.
  • Prepare Preliminary Estimates at proposal stages.
  • Prepare Detailed Bill of Quantities/Pre-tender estimates.
  • Compile Tender Documents based on requirements of project.
  • Pre-qualification of Vendors.
  • Prepare detailed Comparative Statements.
  • Inspection and Verification of Works Measurements.
  • Processing the invoice as per terms and contracts.
  • Rate Analysis, Bill Estimation, Costing.
  • Preparation of bill of quantities (BOQ).
  • Preparation of Certifications.
  • To support PM in billing & generating cost related reports and documentation.
  • Checking measurements
  • Quantity estimation
  • Bill certification
  • Preparing reconciliation statements


  • Preparing monthly & weekly cost reports
  • Knowledge on Computer operation.
  • Preparation of Estimation and Costing.
  • MIS reporting – daily, weekly & monthly reports etc.
  • Submissions of client RA/Final Bill Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Responsible for the study of BOQ (Bill of Quantity) as per specifications and taking out quantities from drawings.
  • Preparation and Certification of RA bills.
  • Identification and preparation of extra items.
  • Preparation of monthly reconciliation statement of building material.
  • Arithmetic & technical checking of all bills i.e. Civil, Carpentry, Aluminum Windows, Finishing, Interior bills, Infrastructure, Plumbing, Firefighting, Electrical work, consultants, & material Invoices etc.
  • Site Visits: – Random Physical checking of bills at site case to case.
  • Material Reconciliation: – To check theoretical consumption of steel, cement & other material supplied free of cost to the contractor and make recovery in case of excess Consumption & wastage.
  • Debit Note: – To ensure recovery against the rework / faulty work from the contractors as per recommendation from the site.
  • Parking of Bill in the SAP system.
  • Advance Adjustment: – Adjusting Advances on pro-rata basis as per the contract terms & keeping the record of the same.
  • Preparing Certificate of Payment.
  • Getting the Bill authorized and forwarding the same to accounts for payments.
  • Intimating Planning Engineers regarding amendments in Work orders.
  • Maintaining of all important documentation as per IS0 9001 Standards.
  • Other duties specified by Site In-charge or In-charge in Commend.
  • Handle Govt. dept. official work
  • Quantity Calculation, Cost Estimation / Rate Analysis from BOQ
  • Cross Billing analysis, Covered area, item rate and the making of monthly RA Bills accordingly.
  • Providing billing-related information/documents to clients as and when required.
  • Arithmetic and technical checking of all bills & material invoice etc.
  • Random physical checking of bills at site case to case.
  • Material Reconciliation to check the theoretical consumption of material
  • Documentation of all client correspondence (inward and outward record keeping).
  • Responsible for verification of certified RA bills
  • Timely preparation of client bills & Submission, and ensuring accuracy.
  • Preparation of Project Measurement System (PMS).
  • Evaluation and optimization of resources.
  • Coordinate with team to timely issue of project deliverables.
  • Conduct meeting with vendor, sub-contractors and installation contactor for interface activities.
  • Review and monitor the schedule and progress submitted by subcontractors.
  • Preparation of weekly reports, monthly reports, look-ahead schedules, Impact schedule, and catch-up plan, etc.
  • Preparation of Project Man-Hours Analysis and Productivity Analysis Report for the Project.
  • Study & analysis of schedule impact on Variation order / Change order received from the client.
  • Monitoring the milestone activities & taking approval from the client for the completed milestone.
  • Preparation of project bills for approved milestones & ensure receive payment on time.
  • Preparation of budget for the project & monitoring the budget throughout the project.
  • Preparation of cash flow analysis & monitoring the cash flow.
  • Maintain good relation with client & taking feedback from the client.
  • Conduct lesson learned meeting & Implementation of past project lesson learned.
  • Preparation of project closeout plan and report.
  • Prepare Block Estimate

  • Preparation of DPR – BOQ Items, Critical Items, Revenue till date/for the month, billed & WIP.
  • Review of Budget and Preparation of Projections for next Quarter Budget as per approved schedule in line with SOP.
  • Monitoring of cost of major items on a daily basis.
  • Update on WIP Status, RA Bill/PV Bill movement & its Collection.
  • Material Reconcilliation Reports from Store.
  • Weekly report on the status of Resources – Material, P&M, and Manpower.
  • Follow up with the billing person for timely submission of the RA Bill.
  • He should have the capability to maintain Quality in work, Safety at the site, cross verifying Vendor bills, Client Co-ordination.
  • Periodic reconciliation of S/C billing with estimated quantities fortnightly.
  • Prepare and submit client bill as per the BOQ.
  • Knowledge of Earthwork for Railway Bridge Work Must.
  • Preparing summary, abstract, advice on billing
  • Coordinating with contractor & site engineer for joint site measurement verification.
  • Maintain all record of billing work
  • Candidate should be good in MS Excel, word.
  • Candidate should be familiar with ERP software.
  • Experience in ERP Software will be an advantage.
  • Should be well conversant with the mode of measurement as per IS Codes.
  • Should be able to prepare the sub contractor’s bill with respect to the client’s bill.
  • Should be made a proper debit note (if any) from a store for the subcontractor’s bill
  • Should be able to take the necessary measurement at the site as and required for the clients’ bill
  • Should be conversant with MS Excel & Autocad.
  • Should be able to reconcile the quantities as per actual v/s consumption
  • Should understand the bill of quantity as per the contract agreement
  • Reconciliation of material
  • Reconciliation of contractor bills
  • Cost analysis
  • Analysis of construction material
  • Preparation of daily labor progress reports

Billing Engineer Salary

Average Salary of Billing Engineer In India: INR 5,35,000 Per Year

Average Salary of Billing Engineer in the United States: $44,400 Per Year

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